iHeartRaves Ultimate Guide to Raving

Hello, rave babies! We’re so excited that you've found your way to this special community. We know that there’s so much going on in the rave-world, it’s hard to know where to begin when you're first getting started. That’s why we put together this Ultimate Guide to Raving where you can learn all the basics of raves, festivals, what to wear to a rave, and rave culture!


1.1 What is EDM?

1.2 What is a Rave? 

1.3 What's the Difference Between a Rave and a Music Festival? 

1.4 Should I Attend a Rave, Festival, or Club Event? 

1.5 Popular Raves and Festivals in the USA 

1.6 How Do I Choose What Event to Attend? 

1.7 Rave Culture 101


2.1 What to Wear to a Rave 

2.2 What Do I Wear to My First Rave? 

2.3 How Do I Know What to Wear to Each Festival? 

2.4 What Do I Wear to a Club Event vs a Rave or Festival? 

2.5 What to Take to a Camping Festival? 

2.6 What to Wear to EDC? 

2.7 What Do Guys Wear to Raves? 

2.8 What Do I Wear to a Halloween Rave? 

2.9 What Do I Wear to Winter Raves? 

2.10 The Evolution of Rave Fashion 


3.1 Getting Festival Ready 101 

3.2 How to Clean Your Fluffies 

3.3 How to Wear Your Fluffies 

3.4 How to Wear Your Savage Wrap Around Top 

3.5 Rave and Festival Makeup Inspiration 

Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 7/31/17