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What to Take to a Camping Festival

As for every festival, you should always check the weather and do your research before packing for a festival, especially if you’ll be at the festival camping. You’ll want to pack an array of clothes for the weekend. You’ll have your outfits for the festival itself which will depend on which festival you’re attending.

Each festival has its own special flavor and styles. You wouldn’t necessarily dress like you would for Nocturnal at Coachella, though you could if you really wanted to. Check out "How Do I Know What To Wear To Each Festival" to get a better idea of the different festivals and their style trends. We also recommend bringing a light jacket into the festival so you can throw it on when the temperature dips at night.

Aside from your festival outfits, you’ll want to bring comfortable clothes to wear during the start of your day, warmer clothes for nights after the festival ends, and pajamas to sleep in. You’ll also want to make sure swimwear is on your festival packing list just in case. It’ll come in handy if shower lines are long and you end up having to make your own shower space in front of your campsite. Bring a pair of slippers and a pair of comfortable festival shoes. We don’t recommend any type of heeled shoes. Accessories such as sunglasses or hats are great to help shield you from the sun and should definitely be on your festival checklist. Bandanas are a lifesaver when it comes to protection from smoke and dusty festival grounds.

Come with these festival camping essentials and you’ll be prepared for anything rain or shine. Check out our Festival Camping Tips video for some of our best secrets to looking and feeling great all weekend long.

Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 7/31/17