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Photo Credit: Spring Awakening Facebook Page

Kick off Festival Season at Spring Awakening Music Festival 2018

As the chilly, winter weather of the Midwest takes a turn for the better, Spring Awakening Music Festival is just around the corner! This annual springtime event is scheduled to return to the heart of the bustling city of Chicago on June 8-10th. This 2018 Spring Awakening lineup is coming in full force with stacked artists  - what better way to kick off festival season than at the beautiful Addams/Medill Park?

Photo Credit: Haley Busch

Queen of the Desert: Coachella Looks 2018

Ah, Coachella, that dreamy and legendary festival in the desert we love so much is just around the corner. Coachella is now known worldwide for its contribution to fashion and style just as much as its music and culture. Need some fabulous inspiration for Coachella Fashion? We've got you covered. 



Okeechobee Music Festival: Florida's Hidden Gem

I had such a great experience my second year of Okeechobee! If you’ve never heard of this magical festival in Okeechobee, Florida, I’m about to add a new festival to your bucket list. Located in the heart of South Florida, this immersive music festival includes all genres and will transport you to another world - literally.  CONTINUE READING
Photo Credit: Haley Busch Photography

Raver Spotlight: @Mynamesnotmelissa

If you're active within the EDM community on Instagram, you're probably already following @Mynamesnotmelissa. Whether you follow her for her modeling pictures, those killer makeup photos or because you actually want to know if her name is really Melissa (will we ever find out?!), there's no doubt that @mynamesnotmelissa is both beautiful and talented.  CONTINUE READING

Pretty Princess Glitter Tutorial

I wouldn’t call myself a glitter expert, but I've been putting glitter on long enough to know a thing or two about how to style it. Once glitter was introduced into the world of raving, I was immediately hooked! When I started adding glitter to my makeup routine for events, my friends started asking me: how do you do that?! To inspire and help others with their glitter needs, I’ve come up with one look that will have you feeling pretty fabulous! CONTINUE READING
Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

7 Tips for First Time EDC Attendees

Featuring three days full of amazing music, rides, and unique individuals - EDC guarantees that you'll make memories that you'll never forget. Although we always have the best intentions when planning for a festival, sometimes things don't quite the way we planned. Here are 7 tips for EDC to make your trip pleasantly memorable! CONTINUE READING
Photo Credit: Turk Photos & USC Events

Score an A+ at Bass Academy 2018 with These Outfits

It’s time to head back to school with Bass Academy 2018! Get ready to graduate with a degree in bass from USC Events on Saturday, April 7th at the Tacoma Dome. Looking to be best dressed? Check out these A+ looks for Bass Academy outfit inspiration!

Photo Credit: @Hauntedmansionholiday

Electroland 2018

Last year Disneyland Paris announced it’s first ever Electroland - a one-day event featuring well-known EDM DJs. To my great delight, it wasn’t a one-time event! This year, Electroland is back as a two-day event and with a killer lineup. 


Don't Miss out on Santa Cruz Music Festival 2018

Santa Cruz Music Festival (SCMF) is right around the corner with an incredible lineup featuring local and big artists, you don’t want to miss this! CONTINUE READING

Go Beyond with Your Beyond Wonderland Outfits

For many of us in SoCal, Beyond Wonderland marks the start of festival season. Year after year, the Insomniac Events team creates new ways to explore the theme of Wonderland. One of the most fun ways to participate in this event is to dress the part. Check out this style guide for outfit inspiration at Beyond Wonderland! CONTINUE READING

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