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Unicorn Crew

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Spreading Positivity 1 Kandi Bracelet at a Time

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About the unicorn crew

iHeartRaves created the Unicorn Crew to represent our mission to inspire self-expression, creativity and empower individuals at festivals and beyond. We recruit new members for every Unicorn Crew and are represented at festivals across the USA. Past events we’ve attended have included Electric Daisy Carnival, Mysteryland, Paradiso, Nocturnal Wonderland, Euphoria, Imagine, Lights All Night and many more!

The Unicorn Crew attends the festival together, wears matching iHeartRaves outfits, and interacts with attendees. The crew represents our brand at the festival and provides coverage of the event to our network of social media followers and fans.

At iHeartRaves we strive to constantly give back to the rave community in which we were founded and promote the lifestyle and culture that has inspired us all. The Unicorn Crew gives our customers the opportunity to make an impact by spreading the positivity behind our lifestyle.

Anyone who loves EDM festivals, iHeartRaves, and is looking for a festival experience different from any other is welcome to apply!


New Experience


Attend your favorite festivals in a unique way as a part of the Unicorn Crew.

Rave family

add to your
rave family

Experience a festival with friends you haven’t met yet and build lasting relationships with people who love festivals as much as you!

National Recognition


Receive social media shout outs for being a part of the crew and the ability to interact with attendees and fans of the iHeartRaves brand.

Festival Wardrobe

expand your
festival wardrobe

You will receive a full iHeartRaves outfit for each day of the event that you get to keep after the festival is over.



Become a part of the Unicorn Crew family and spread the mission of iHeartRaves with us


“By being given these opportunities to promote for iHeartRaves I was able to to meet all kinds of different people, go to new places, spread P.L.U.R, and be more confident in myself. As I grew more confident in myself I tried my best to spread that feeling to as many people I could.”

Erin Capacasa
Tomorrowworld 2015
Global Dance Festival AZ 2016

whats requiredof an iHeartRave unicorn

  • stick together


    The Unicorns are required to stick together the entire festival. If your friends will be attending they are welcome to tag along and follow the Unicorns around if they are open to that. The more the merrier!

  • positive influence

    be a
    positive influence

    You are the representative of iHeartRaves at festivals. It is your responsibility to yourself, our brand, the festival, and it’s attendees to showcase the rave community in a positive light and be conscientious, civil, and good-natured individuals.

  • step comfort zone

    step out of your
    comfort zone

    The Unicorn Crew is required to meet and interact with as many attendees as possible. You must be open minded and understand you will be recognized for being a Unicorn and most likely approached many times by awesome people who love EDM as much as you.

How to apply

Want to be apart of the Unicorn Crew for an upcoming festival? Fill out the form below and we will email you when we are recruiting. We also make announcements when we’re recruiting on our Instagram @iHeartRavesUnicorns & @iHeartRaves.

  • Apply for Upcoming Camping Festivals
  • Apply for Upcoming Non-Camping Festivals

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