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Why Shop at iHeartRaves?

Love raves and music festivals? We do too! At iHeartRaves, we understand that the right rave outfit can transform your festie experience into an unforgettable journey. This is why we're dedicated to inspiring individual creativity and self-expression through rave clothing and festival gear at EDM events, music festivals, EDC, and beyond.

Our team is all about bringing you the hottest and most unique rave outfits. Because let's face it, rave clothes should be anything but basic and boring! In 2010, we saw that cute, affordable rave fits and EDM clothing from a reliable company was hard to come by and decided that we could make high quality, fashionable ravewear more easily accessible. Our journey and growth has led us to become the world’s #1 rave festival clothing store, all thanks to you!


If you're wondering where to buy rave clothes that scream "YOU," look no further than our rave shop!  From epic rave shirts to killer rave dresses, getting decked out for the best rave outfits has never been easier with iHeartRaves. We've got a huge lineup of EDM wear, such as booty shorts, chaps, bra tops, and bodysuits. Rave wear never looked this good!

At our rave store, it's all about embracing those unique, vibrant, and glittery vibes. We've even earned the title of a "rainbow clothing store" for our colorful creations! But if you're not feeling the bright and shiny scene, we've got loads of darker, alternative techno ensembles to match your mood. Go for that edgy flair by spicing up a black crop top with booty shorts, thigh-high socks, and some platform boots.

And if you're aiming for a wilder rave attire, our music festival clothing includes trippy patterns, rhinestone studded corsets, reflective clothing, and mesmerizing mesh options. We've got every corner of the rave fashion spectrum covered, from techno and fairy vibes to dreamy and everything in between!

We even got cute rave outfits for your whole squad. And since we're constantly dropping fresh and trendy festival gear, there's always something for everyone. Rock those fishnet booty shorts with some killer black platform boots for an edgy vibe, or channel some sweet sparkle with a pastel mini skirt and a holographic bikini top. Our super unique festival rave outfits, EDM outfits, and rave merch have got you covered all festie szn!


Today, rave festival outfits are worn at all kinds of events including clubs and concerts. So slip into your favorite platform shoes, booty shorts and other EDM rave outfits to dance to your favorite tunes, no matter the setting!

Many of our styles can also double as streetwear you can rock anywhere, not just at raves or festivals. Keep it cool and cozy in our puffer jackets, joggers and cropped tees. And if you want to switch things up from your rave apparel to everyday wear, just swap those platform boots for combat kicks and throw on a beanie or oversized tee. Easy peasy.

Going camping? Your rave gear can go with you, too! Rock your fave EDM festival outfits, along with our epic hydration packs, chest harness bags, or fanny packs. Biker shorts with an oversized tee is also a comfortable fit for camping and enjoying nature with your friends.


At iHeartRaves, we're not just a team; we're all EDM enthusiasts who live for those epic late-night festival shenanigans (and, naturally, kandi-trading moments!). Our love for EDM music and rave fashion is what fuels us to create the hottest festival clothing and accessories for ravers worldwide. So whether you're on the hunt for rave costumes or other festival gear, we'll always make sure that iHeartRaves has everything you need!