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Spring is in full season and that means summer is just around the corner. This means one thing: festival season is almost here! The best way to kick off summer is to head to Electric Daisy Festival Las Vegas aka EDC for short.

EDC will happen May 17th-19th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from Dusk till Dawn. It is truly one of the best festivals to hit up and is a favorite festival of many ravers, both experienced and new! One of the best parts of EDC is the stages and production, so here is a guide for stages for EDC.

edc 2022 lineup

Photo: Jose Murga


kineticField is the mainstage at EDC. It is the biggest one at this festival and usually features a giant and beautiful design following a theme. This year’s theme is yet to be announced but the mainstage and lineup never fails to impress even the most seasoned ravers. Every year, the design gets wilder, and going into the festival the first day, you never know what to expect so it is truly a great experience seeing the mainstage for the first time as the scenery gets darker and kineticField illuminates with rainbow lights and lasers.

Photo: Ivan Meneses


On the opposite end of kineticField is the second biggest stage called circuitGrounds. This stage is a favorite for those who especially appreciate the production on top of the music. It is always filled with lots of LED screens and wraps around in a semi-circle fashion that makes you feel super immersed into the DJs that play there.

Photo: Calder Wilson


This stage is one that many see when they first walk into the festival. This stage is where the festival kicks off with the EDC Opening Ceremony and usually features a guest for this event. This is the first stage that opens up earlier in the night so it is a great spot to catch a set in the warm sun as it slowly sets in the background. As the day turns into night, you can find many ravers sitting in the bleachers where this stage faces and it is honestly a perfect spot for those who want to chill and enjoy amazing DJs. There is also plenty of grass around this stage so you can find somewhere to lay around and enjoy the music.

Photo: Marc van der Aa


One of the great things about EDC is that there are smaller stages that are dedicated to specific genres of EDM. At neonGarden, you will find many techno and house heads dancing around where the production seems minimal yet immersive and deep. You will find many Factory 93 DJs playing here and it is a great stage to be at to feel the deep vibrations of various house and techno music.

Photo: Chris Lazaro


If you’re feeling energetic, bassPod is the stage to be at. Headbangers gather at this stage to vibe to some of the best bass house, dubstep, trap and DnB artists in the EDM scene. The stage design here is unique and always features a crazy design that even has interactive parts that extend into the crowd. Make sure to check out this stage, grab a rail or friend, and headbang your way through the night at bassPod.

Photo: Insomniac Events


This stage is for those who want to be uplifted by the euphoric music known as trance. At quantumValley, you will be joined by many other Trance Fam ravers and experience some of the most ethereal trance DJs, as well as trippy sounds from psytrance as well. Recently, this stage became an open air megastructure with LED lights going all around the top. No matter the layout of the stage, it is one that all ravers should check out to enjoy some uplifting music.

Photo: Jose Murga



This stage features some of the best hardstyle, hard core, and hard dance DJs. If you’re feeling upbeat, this stage is a must; you’ll get to experience fast tempos and hard bass and overall the most fun group of ravers out there! Many are going hard to the beats and sounds of hardstyle and you’ll see people dancing and enjoying the music with one another.

Photo: Keiki-Lani Knudsen


At steroBloom, you’ll be grooving to house and tech house music all weekend long. This stage has some amazing house DJs and it’s always a party with shufflers on the side, and everyone from left to right dancing around. The design of this stage is one that you can’t miss, with bright lights all around and studded with daisies in the back.

Photo: Insomniac Events


EDC's newest stage, BionicJungle, features a curated lineup of house music artists to groove to all night long. This stage is small but packs a punch and will. keep you dancing until dawn. 

Photo: Insomniac Events

Art Cars

On top of the many bigger stages at EDC, you’ll also find lots of art cars scattered throughout the festival as well! Each of them have their own theme, such as a rockin’ pirate ship or a huge buggy car. Whatever the theme and music, it is always a fun time at these mini stages. You even get a chance to climb up and dance up on top alongside the DJ, so that is always a fun experience! There’s also secret and exclusive sets that take place at these art cars, so make sure you stop by to check them out while exploring the festival.

EDC never fails with its lineup; there’s usually a massive variety of DJs, so there’s always an amazing set taking place. The stages each have their own unique theme and style, and have a different vibe going on at them, so there’s always one to satisfy your needs, whether you want to headbang to some dubstep, shuffle your feet off to some house, muzz your way through the weekend- no matter the stage that you’re at, it’s always a party everywhere you go!

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