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What Do Guys Wear To Raves?

Galaxy Print Tee and Shorts

Men’s rave clothing typically consists of shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. You can wear anything you’re comfortable in that shows off your personal style. We recommend wearing breathable rave clothes for guys you can dance in all day and night.  As far as rave clothing for men goes, you could get away with simple tees, tanks, and shorts or you can show off your unique style with all over print. All over print designs come in all types of styles from masks to shorts and tees and are a popular choice of rave gear for guys.

Rave accessories for guys such as rave glasses, hats, and furry animal hoods are a great way to make your outfit more festive and rave-ready. Almost every outfit could use a seamless mask bandana to accompany it to give it some extra edge. 

Guy wearing black hoodie and all over print seamless masks bandana

iHeartRaves offers hundreds of styles of all over print seamless mask bandanas - a quick and functional way to take your outfit to the next level. 


Functionality is important for most gentlemen so bringing a lightweight drawstring bag or festival fanny pack is a must! Things can easily fall out of pockets, so it’s best to keep your valuables safe in a bag. You also might consider grabbing a pair of Hidden Pocket Boxer Briefs

Black Hydration Pack

Hydration packs can help store your valuables and keep you hydrated. 


If the weather is a bit chilly or you’ll be raving from day to night, we recommend a hoodie or faux fur jacket (if you're feeling extra stylish) to keep you warm when the temperatures drop. Put on your most comfortable shoes and you’re ready to go!

All over print galaxy hoodies

Make an ultra bold statement by getting the whole squad to wear hoodies that are out-of-this-world. 

Galaxy Animal Hoods

Adding an accessory, like a furry animal hood, can add an extra element to your rave outfit and help keep you warm! 

If you’re feeling like the typical men’s rave wear tank and shorts combo isn’t unique enough for you, some ravers create their own rave costumes for guys by hand or wear things like onesies and banana suits. Again, anything goes when it comes to rave outfits for guys! Really, wear anything you want!


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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 7/31/17