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iHeartRaves rave masks and rave bandanas are perfect for dusty EDM festival grounds or as stylish rave accessories. Looking for something a bit more trippy than just a bandana? We have everything from UV reactive masks to seamless bandanas and animal ears that will float your boat! Our seamless mask bandanas can be also used in a variety of ways, not just as a face bandana! You can turn it into just about anything from a beanie or durag to hair tie or even a tube top. Some seamless mask bandana designs even have matching rave shirts, bottoms and tank to complete the look!

Coordinate a daring all over print festival outfit or create a huge group costume with your with your rave fam. Seriously, who doesn't love a bunch of pizza-wearing ravers? Everybody loves pizza! Looking for even more accessories for your next event? Check out our UV reactive face glitter or shine on the dancefloor in our holographic hydration water packs. Not to mention our huge selection of rave wear for women! Be a rainbow kitty, alien, pizza - whatever! Just do you.

Where to Wear it: Raves, Music Festivals, Sun Protection, Events, Concerts, Outdoor Events, or Whenever you want to live dust-free


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