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What Do I Wear To Winter Raves?

Chilly winter raves don’t mean you have to give up all your cute festival wear! If you’re attending a winter rave, take our advice to help you plan your winter rave outfits and keep warm while still showing off your music festival style!

When it’s cold out, it’s important to protect your extremities, especially your head. You lose heat quickly through your scalp so if your head is exposed, you’re more likely to get cold. To help combat this, get yourself a furry animal hood! These warm animal hats are not only adorable, they’re also functional as well. Your head will be protected and you can keep your hands warm in the paws! Furry hoods are a popular alternative to your typical beanies and hats. They’re festive, fun, and will keep your head and hands cozy all night.

Make sure you layer up! You can easily add warm layers to any festival outfit. If you really want to rock booty shorts, bring a pair of leggings with you for when the weather cools even more. Or if it’s already too cold for any booty shorts at all, a pair of fleece leggings under fun printed leggings will keep you much warmer than a pair of thigh highs. You can even rock your favorite pair of fluffies over your leggings! The fluffies are sure to keep your legs extra warm. The best part of wearing printed leggings or fluffies during these chilly winter rave? You won’t have to sacrifice any color or style!

Always bring an extra pullover hoodie as well. A cool galaxy print hoodie will keep you warm and still allow you to be a stellar space princess! Or you can be part of the show in a flashy light up fur jacket! Here’s a pro-tip: while your sweater will definitely keep you warm, it’s important to think about the layers underneath as well. Wearing a form fitting, skin tight layer beneath your loose sweatshirt will help keep the cold air from touching your body. Something as simple as a tank will make a big difference with the windchill.

A lot of festivals have indoor and outdoor stages. It’s important to remember that when you move to and from areas with different temperatures it’s best to adjust your clothes appropriately. When you’re at an indoor stage and it’s a bit warmer, be sure to unzip and take off your hat if you’re wearing one. And when you head back out, bundle up again. That way, your body will better adjust to the temperature differences.

Don’t forget to bring extra socks to help keep you warm! If you’re as a winter festival like SnowGlobe, be sure you don’t skip on those extra socks. You’ll be thankful for a pair of warm, dry socks if snow creeps into your shoes and your feet are wet. And our best pro-tip for winter raving? Bring hand warmers. These little packages are lightweight easy to pack. Whenever you need them, open it up and it’ll produce heat for up to 10 hours. You can stick these babies just about anywhere. Put them in your gloves, pockets, socks, wherever you need to keep warm!

Who says raving in the cold meant you had to give up your rave style? Base your winter rave outfit ideas on these pro tips on what to wear to raves in winter and you’ll be prepped for any winter raves 2017 you attend!

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 7/31/17