Rave Music Festival

There are so many amazing events going on that it’s tough picking which ones to attend. Ideally, we’d like to attend ALL of them, but generally work, money, distance, and responsibility won’t allow it. So how do you pick which events to attend and which ones to skip? We recommend taking these five things into consideration when planning out which events to attend: the lineup, price, accessibility, what kind of experience you want to have, and lastly what other festivals you’ll be attending.

The lineup is arguably the most important thing to take into consideration when deciding whether or not you want to attend a rave, festival, or other event. If you don’t really care to see most or all of the artists on a line up, your decision has already been made for you.

If you love the line up, you should next think about price and accessibility. How much are tickets? How far is the festival from you? How will you get there? Will there be any transportation costs? Hotel costs? Can you afford all of it?

For some, the trip to EDC Las Vegas is a commitment of a few thousand dollars, even if that ticket is only a fraction of the cost. This is especially true for people who travel from the East Coast or even from out of country to attend. For others who live in the area or can easily take a road trip to Vegas, it adds up to a few hundred which is still a hefty price tag.

Another important thing to take into consideration is the experience you’re looking for. Do you like more intimate venues? DJ tours and smaller events are for you! Or are you a massive festival head who enjoys dancing in a crowd with thousands of ravers? Would you enjoy camping at a festival? And if you don’t are you willing to trade camping costs for hotel fees?  Do you live for festival sunrises at the main stage with your rave family? Or perhaps, you enjoy an early start and end time that gives you the chance to after party with your friends (or head straight to bed and still get a decent night’s rest). Can you handle a concrete jungle and scorching desert heat during EDC Las Vegas or do you prefer wandering through the trees at Electric Forest? Are you looking for chill vibes, PLUR vibes, or are you simply looking for the best party around? Can’t afford Coachella, but still want those Sahara Tent vibes? Maybe you’ll like a festival like CRSSD. Are you a kandi kid? Do you love going all out and dressing up in eclectic, creative raver costumes with fluffies and all? It’s probably better to skip CRSSD and head to an Insomniac event.

Once you’ve narrowed down what kind of festivals you’d like to attend, take into consideration what other festivals you’ll be attending this year. If you’re able to catch any artists at a different event with a line up that includes even more artists you like, maybe it’s better to skip an event where you’re less excited about the lineup and plan to catch those overlapping artists at another festival. You can always plan to catch the other DJs who don’t overlap at smaller events and club shows. And if you’re DYING to attend EDC Las Vegas for the first time maybe it’s best you skip out on some of the smaller DJ tours and save up for the big event!

Take all of these things into consideration and you’ll be able to plan out your event schedule for the year in no time! It won’t be easy saying no to some events, but it’s certainly much easier once you give all these things a bit of thought.

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 7/31/17