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Rave Culture 101

Raver girl trading kandi

The EDM community is beautiful. It was built by a group of music enthusiasts who have created their own traditions and ideologies and passed it on to each new member of the rave family. Ravers live by the mantra PLUR which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Some ravers add another R to the end, which stands for Responsibility.

For many ravers, PLUR is not just a concept, but a lifestyle. They strive to emulate each aspect of PLUR at raves and in their everyday lives. Within the rave community, there is even a special handshake during the process in which ravers exchange kandi, bracelets that are handmade from colorful pony kandi beads.

They vary in design from simple single bracelets made of one row of beads to cuffs which are made of multiple rows of beads, complicated 3D cuffs, kandi bead masks, necklaces, and more. Some pieces even include trinkets, charms, or perler attachments.

Each piece of kandi traded comes with a story, a memory of when you met another raver or a special moment with a close friend. Ravers hold each piece close to their hearts and sometimes spend hours making kandi specifically to trade with other ravers.

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 7/31/17