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As ravers, neon has always held a special place in our hearts, but now it’s taking over festival fashion. Fluorescent colors are a major up-and-coming movement in rave wear for 2024. We’ve already seen a lot of fellow headbangers in neon fits over the past few months as we got back to live shows, and we think the trend is here to stay. We’ve outlined four different ways to style neon colors to help you look your best at your next rave:

Pair with a neutral

Slander x iHR Reflective Lace Outfit

Happy Haven Outfit


The great thing about neutrals is that you can match them with pretty much any color you choose. I love wearing neons with black, because the contrast really makes the color pop. The neutral/neon style is super versatile too. It’s easy to mix and match pieces, so you could create a brand new outfit from what’s already in your closet! Not sure how to get started putting the fit together? Try pairing a neon with a neutral mesh, or look for pieces that already mix neon and neutral, like the Break The Matrix High Waisted Harness Booty Shorts.

A monochrome look

Get Down Girl Recycled Fabric Outfit

When styling a trend, why not go all out? Pick your favorite neon color and sport it from head to toe! You can accessorize with neon hair extensions, glitter, jewelry, sunglasses, the possibilities are endless. This is a great opportunity for one pieces, like this Neon Lights Mesh Cut Out Mini Dress. Because this style is trending so hard right now, you’ll also be able to find a ton of neon-based outfits, like this Neon Pinksicle Outfit. Looking to match with your rave fam? It won’t be too hard to find similar monochrome outfits in different colors, and it’ll make for awesome photos!

Make it rainbow

Trippy Time Acid Smiley Outfit

If monochrome isn’t your thing and you’d rather go with a more colorful style, make it rainbow. A neon rainbow fit is sure to make you stand out in the crowd, and it can be a great way to show off your pride! Pro tip: if you search “Rolita Couture” on iHeartRaves, you’ll find a ton of great pieces for a rainbow neon outfit. A couple of our favorites are the Rolita Couture x IHR Geo Trouble Crop Top and the Rolita Couture Rainbow Kisses Wrap Top.

A tiny splash of color

Rainbow Reflective Daisy Outfit

Sporting an all black or white outfit, but still want to incorporate some color? A splash of neon might be just what you need to create the perfect fit. This is a great time to let your hair and makeup skills shine, literally. A little glitter can go a long way. If you want something low maintenance, just slap on some hair and body glitter in your chosen neon color and you’ll have a subtle pop of color catching the sun as you dance. Neon face jewels would also pair well with this look. If you’re looking to get creative with your makeup, you have endless options. Neon eyeshadow, glitter and body paint can help you show off your talents and rock this trend.

No matter how you decide to wear your neon, you’re going to look great! While some neons are more common, like pink, green, orange and yellow, you’ll be able to find other colors too. This makes the trend great, because you have the freedom to choose the best color for you. It’s all about what makes you feel good and gets you in the mood to rave. If you need more inspiration, you can check out these outfits styled by the iHeartRaves team.

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