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What Do I Wear To My First Rave?

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You’re going to your first rave! You’ve got your tickets and planned the whole trip, now what are you going to wear? If you have absolutely no idea what you want to wear, don’t worry. We know exactly how to help you pick out an outfit.

Every rave is unique and has it’s own style and vibe. Because of this, fashion and style choices are different at each rave. If you’d like to immerse yourself in the experience and get all dressed up, check out “How Do I Know What To Wear To Each Festival” to get a better idea of what other ravers wear to different events. Again, rave fashion is all about self expression so it’s really up to you! You can wear anything you want, no judgement here.

If you’re a guy and it’s your first event, you’ll probably rock that classic EDM tank top and shorts combo. Gentlemen have it pretty easy. Rave clothing for men generally only consists of a pair of shorts and a tank top, though many guys do dress up in fun costumes as well. Ladies dress up in all types of outfits, but if you’re not up for the wild and crazy looks just yet, cute crop tops or bralettes and shorts are the perfect way to ease into festival fashion. Pair any crop top with your favorite high waisted shorts for a simple and casual festival look or rock it with a pair of rave booty shorts for festival flair. Finish your look with some accessories, a rave fanny pack or small backpack, and you’re ready to go!

The most important things to remember are to wear clothes you feel comfortable in, wear comfortable shoes, and check the weather before heading out!

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 7/31/17