You’ve just bought a ticket to your first rave and you’re counting down the days until RAVE DAY! Now it’s time for the hard part, figuring out what to wear to a rave.

Rave outfits are all about self-expression where the possibilities are limitless.

Every rave is unique and has its own style and vibe. Check out our article, “How Do I Know What To Wear To Each Festival” to get a better idea of what other ravers are wearing to each event.

Whether it’s your first rave or you’re a seasoned veteran, here are 10 essential things you’ll want to bring to feel rave ready.

What do I wear to my first rave?

Raving is all about being YOURSELF! It's time to dig into what makes you feel good, so come up with a rave outfit that speaks to u creatively but is comfortable too. You can wear things like two piece sets, pasties, fishnets, or bright colors to express yourself at a rave. Or you can go in an all-black fit! Here is some inspiration for you: 

1. Kandi

This is one of the biggest staples in rave culture. You can use kandi to accessorize, express yourself, connect with other ravers, and spread P.L.U.R! (Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect - 4 principles that rave culture is based on)

Get together with your besties beforehand and make enough kandi for yourself and others. Trading and collecting kandi is extremely fun and can give you the chance to meet friends that’ll last a lifetime. Waking up to your treasures can bring back a rush of memories.

kandi bracelets for raves

2. Comfortable Shoes

Your shoe choice is just as important as the rest of your fit when deciding what to wear to a rave. Be sure you’re wearing closed toe shoes as you’ll likely bump into a few people when you’re killing it on the dance floor. Whether you wear combat boots, sneakers or platform boots, anything goes as long as you are comfortable and think you can walk and dance for up to 8 hours or longer! Check out our stylish collection of Rave Shoes that’ll keep you feeling like a rave queen all night long. 

coachella style

3. Unique Clothing

Rave clothing is both stylish and functional. When you’re out dancing for hours, comfort is just as important as your look. Comfort means different things to different people- so whether you're down to rock sky-high platforms and a sparkly corset or would rather don a mesh tee and fishnets, let your personal style shine at festivals. 

You can never go wrong with pastel colors, trippy prints or vibrant colors. We have a ton of new styles that are super unique so you can express yourself through your rave outfits


4. Ear Plugs

If you want to enjoy listening to music later in life or just to maintain your hearing in general, high-fidelity ear plugs are a must. These noise-reducing ear plugs will help protect your ears all night from hearing damage without compromising the sound-quality of the music. When considering what to wear to a rave- do not forget ear plugs. 

If you’re attending a camping festival, you might also want to bring a pair of foam ear plugs. Nothing is worse than losing out on your beauty sleep because of the people partying all night at the next site over. Rest up so you can go off the next day.

5. Backpack / Fanny Pack

Keep your valuables safe & secure, so you can enjoy your night without a worry. Accessorize your rave outfit with a cute fanny pack and tear up the dance floor hands-free. There are a ton of fashionable styles that can be just what you need to complete your look.

girl with fanny pack

6. Hydration Pack

When you’re at a music festival, the thirst can be real. Staying hydrated is super important, but it can be extremely easy to forget when the music is blasting and the hours are passing by.

Water bottles are pretty overpriced at festivals, but there are usually water refill stations at raves where you can refill your container for free. Hydration packs are great for music festivals because they can carry enough water so that you can spend more time at the main stage with your favorite DJ. Make sure to choose a hydration pack that coordinates with at least one of your rave outfits

rave girl wearing holographic purple hydration pack

7. Face Mask / Bandana

Protect your lungs from all the dust and debris that can get kicked up from the thousands of people attending the festival. You don’t want to spend the following days after the rave coughing your lungs up, so it’s best to just take precautions and cover up.

We have a ton of trippy and stylish face mask bandanas for dusty EDM festival grounds. Find the perfect design to go with your outfit or coordinate with your festie besties.

rave girls wearing seamless face masks

8. Rave Glasses

From day to night, rave glasses and goggles are super fun to wear. The stage production at raves are epic, so you might want to consider wearing a pair of shades for the intense lasers, strobe lights, and visuals if you have sensitive eyes. If you are going for a psychedelic or cyber look, this accessory can level up your rave outfits

If you want to enhance the visual experience of a rave, there are special types of glasses that can make you see the world in a new light! Check out diffraction glasses and kaleidoscope goggles for the trippiest visuals ever.

girl wearing kaleidoscope glasses

9. Face Glitter, Jewels & Body Stickers

Rave day isn’t just any day- it’s one of the few times of the year where you can go all out without having to worry about what others think. Most people at the festival grounds will be dressed up just as crazy as you (if not crazier).

Once you have your look all planned out, take it to the next level with some chunky glitter, face jewels or body stickers. You’ll look fabulous from head to toe with these dazzling details

rave girl wearing face jewels

10. Reflective Clothing/ Accessories

Light up the night in a reflective fit. Reflective clothing and accessories will make your whole squad stand out. The clothing is activated by the flash in your phone camera and instantly transforms your look. 

rave girls in reflective clothing

Extra Things to Bring:

  • Portable Charger
  • Wet Wipes / Baby Wipes
  • Tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer (Sealed)
  • Chapstick (Sealed)
  • Gum (Sealed)
  • Fan

The most important things to remember are to wear clothes you feel comfortable in and check the weather before heading out! Keep an open mind and get ready for an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

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Published by Leonard Pulig
Last Updated: 2/4/2022