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What Do I Wear To A Club Event vs A Rave Or Festival?

Raves and festivals are places you can be yourself and dress in any fashion you’d like without fear of judgment. Outfits and costumes at these events range from casual outfits to intricate handmade masterpieces.

Guys usually like to wear tanks or tees and shorts and accessorize with hats, furry hoods, sunglasses, and bandanas. Rave babes usually like to wear their festival favorites like rave bras and bralettes, rave halter tops, fluffies, and booty shorts.

For some festivals, ravers will buy or make unique, elaborate costumes as well. Most raves or festivals encourage you to express yourself and dress up in creative music festival outfits although some don’t allow you to wear rave outfits or certain elements of rave outfits. Be sure to check FAQs before you start planning your outfits.

Raver girls at Rawhide Events Center for Gold Rush

At some smaller events, people typically don’t dress up as much though there are still a few people who do. Guys tend to wear the same apparel to smaller events, but usually, leave their festival favorites such as furry hoods and kandi masks at home. Ladies rock more casual, yet stylish attire. At smaller events and festivals, many girls are seen wearing cute crop tops or halters and high waisted shorts or booty shorts with a mesh tee on top!

Girl at CRSSD wearing mesh tee and matching two piece set

At club events, people generally dress according to the club venue’s dress code. Some clubs have a strict dress code while others allow more casual wear such as high waisted shorts and a blouse. While some clubs may be more relaxed than others about their dress code, they’ll still implement rules like no tennis shoes or hats.

Apparel like fluffies and furry hoods are best kept at home. We’ve definitely seen some kandi bracelets though! Remember, it’s always best to check the venue’s dress code beforehand.

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 1/4/19