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In this time of uncertainty, we want to keep the festival spirit alive (and inside) for our wonderful community, so we've created a #RaveatHome series just for you! Whether you want to practice your makeup, dance-moves or even pick up a new light art hobby, we've curated articles to share inspiration from ravers around the world. 


Check out these ideas for how to rock the #RaveatHome game:

Take Some Fun Quizzes!

What Type of Raver Are You?

Find out your raver personality with our new quiz! Take the quiz here. 


@paisleyjewels, @tropicalnicole, @eliseerodriguez


What Rave Hobby is Right for You?

Find out what new rave hobby suits you best! Take the quiz here.


What EDM Sub-Genre Should You Check Out? 

If you're wondering what is the best EDM subgenres, but don't know where to begin, have no fear! We've done a deep dive of all the EDM subgenres and picked out some of our favorites for you guys to explore. Take the quiz now!


DIY Something Fun For the Return of Festival Season!


Make a 3D Kandi Cuff

Have you ever wanted to delve into the world of making kandi cuffs, but didn't quite know where to start? Here's your chance to learn from experts who have been there! Learn from kandi cuff expert, Ducky AKA @misshalcyon441 and Rose the Raver. Check out the tutorial here.

hello kitty 3d cuff


Make a Perler Necklace  

Kandi master, @kandi_diva created a tutorial to show you how to make an awesome glow-in-the-dark perler! Then, she'll show you how to turn it into a perler neckalce. Learn how here.


Turn Your House into the Perfect Rave at Home Venue

Even though we are missing out on the real-life experiences a festival would give us, we can do our best to bring the same energy a rave would give us into our own homes. Check out these tips on how to turn your house into the perfect rave venue so you can bring the magic of festival season back into your life!


Tie-Dye Something!

Now is the perfect time to try out a new, artsy project! This article will be your guide on how to bring your old rave fits (or new ones) to the next level with tie-dye! Learn how.


Have an At-Home Photoshoot

Use this time to dress up and have an at-home photoshoot, then share the pic to share on your socials! Pro tip: try out these photoshoot tips, created by @Lauren_Hutzel before your next live stream so you can show off your new look to your rave squad! 


Want to recreate Lauren's makeup look? Click here for the tutorial!


Try out a New Look

Learn some tips from @sunflowerraver about curating the perfect new look.

sunflowerraver photoshoot tips


Help the Community While Social Distancing

This year we took a break from our traditional April Fools articles. Instead, we created some April “Smarts” to share with you. Check out these ideas for how you can be “smart” and give back to the rave community while social distancing

You can also help those in need just by simply purchasing a face mask! Learn more

trendy face mask


Listen to This Epic Trance Playlist



Our friend and trance vocalist, Haliene put together some of her favorite songs from the past year, including a few older tracks, and some of her recent releases exclusively for iHeartRaves! Check out this epic trance playlist.




LOL with these Memes That Every Raver Needs to See During Quarantine

During this time of uncertainty, it’s easy to find yourself feeling bored or lonely. Luckily, the EDM community that we are all a part of has stepped up their game. The internet is now stocked with new memes and posts to give us a little laugh and keep us sane in our homes. Here are some of our personal favorites.


paz paz quaarentine meme



Don't Forget to Show Us How You Rave From Home

Use #RaveatHome to show us your living room dance parties, at home photo shoots, shuffle moves, & light art skills. We’re in this together <3

Reflective Flame Biking Set



Neon Green Fishnet Bodysuit



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