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If you're anything like me, you know that half the fun of going to a music festival is the food. Yes, the music is amazing, but have you ever tried a gourmet taco while raging to your favorite DJ? Have you ever stumbled into homemade brick oven pizza in the middle of the desert at sunrise? Mind-blowing! 😍 So, if you're looking to combine your love of beats and bites, here’s the ultimate list of the top 10 festivals that are a foodie’s paradise.

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1. Coachella

Okay, so Coachella isn’t just about headliners and spotting James Charles—this festival is a serious foodie haven. From vegan nachos that'll make you forget about meat to artisanal pizzas that could rival Italy’s best, the culinary lineup is as diverse as its musical one. 🍕✨

Plus, they have pop-up restaurants from some of the hottest chefs around. Trust me, your taste buds will be just as dazzled as your ears! 2024 vendors include the LA favorite Kogi, along with classics like the Coachella lemonade (you really must), and higher-end options for the VIPs. Trust me, you don't want to skip the food at Coachella. 

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2. Ultra

Heading to Miami for Ultra? Expect the food to be as vibrant as the city itself. Ultra offers a mix of local flavors and international dishes to keep you fueled. Since it's on the coast, you can find special seafood treats like lobster rolls or sushi. Over in VIP, the TAO Group serves up platters of sushi and caviar straight to your table. There's bottle service and then there's sushi service. IYKYK. 

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3. Electric Forest

Nestled in the magical woods of Michigan, Electric Forest provides an enchanting escape with an equally enchanting variety of food. It's not just about quick festival eats; here, you can find gourmet meals made with local and organic ingredients. It’s like a fairytale for your stomach! 🌲🧚‍♀️

Food trucks from around the country love checking out Electric Forest, making this just as much of a foodie trip as it is a music trip. 

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4. EDC Las Vegas

Vegas, baby! EDC isn’t just a feast for the eyes and ears but also the stomach. With food trucks catering to every craving from juicy burgers to spicy Korean BBQ, the options are endless. Plus, with all that dancing, you’ll need the extra calories. Let’s eat and rave our way through the night! 🍔🎉

Over on the Strip, you can find some of the best restaurants in the world in between nights at the Speedway. Check out spots like Carbone, Nobu, and Din Tai Fung for the luxury vibes you've been saving for, or gems like Best Friend or the Asian food hall in Resorts World for unique bites that don't break the bank. Or you can venture into Chinatown just off the strip for a bowl of pho or ramen that will truly heal your little raver soul. 

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5. Governor's Ball

New York City’s Governor's Ball is where music meets the metro’s melting pot of food. From trendy food trucks to local favorites, you can taste dishes from all around the world without ever leaving the festival grounds. Bagels, dumplings, you name it—they’ve got it all! 🍜🍩

Over in the city, you've got some of the best food in the world to pick from. Head to Katz' Deli for a famous pastrami on rye before making your way into the fest, or get some late-night eats down in Chinatown on your way to the afters. 

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6. New Orleans Jazz Festival

A festival in NOLA? Say no more! The New Orleans Jazz Festival is as much about the food as it is about jazz. Creole, Cajun, and everything in between—eating here is like a music-accompanied tour through New Orleans’ culinary history. Don’t forget to grab a beignet and a bag of crawfish boil! 🎷🍤

Local spots like Dat Dawg can't be missed, and are usually staples at any local NOLA festival. 

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7. Hangout Festival

Picture this: you’re on the beach, music’s blasting, and you're biting into some fresh seafood. That’s Hangout Festival for you. Located right on the Gulf shores, the seafood here is as fresh as it gets. Shrimp tacos and beach vibes? Yes, please! 🌊🌮

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8. Burning Man

Wait, what? Yep. It's no mistake that I've included Burning Man on this list. While it's not technically a festival, Burning Man is an event where you can find some incredible food, and it's all free.

Burning Man is all about community and self-expression, and this extends to the food as well. Since it's a gifting society, you'll find homemade, experimental foods that you wouldn't see anywhere else. It’s a unique culinary adventure that mirrors the eccentricity of the event itself. 🌌🥘

Burners from around the world spend their time at Burning Man bringing their talents to the playa. And for the chefs of the world, that often means that they bring their kitchen skills straight to you. Check out Midnight Poutine for freshly made fries drenched in imported Canadian cheese curds and gravy, or head over to Miso Horny for a steaming cup of miso soup right before sunrise. There are thousands of food activations at Burning Man, so grab the book and take yourself on a food tour or keep your nose open to find a bite to eat on your adventures. 

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9. Outsidelands

San Francisco’s chill vibes are perfectly complemented by Outsidelands’ food offerings. From gourmet food and wine pairings to the best of local craft beers, it’s a festival where you can truly indulge your sophisticated side. Fancy a wine flight with your indie tunes? 🍷🎸

San Francisco is somewhat of a food and wine capital in the US, so you can bet the food at the festival will reflect that. After the fest, head over to Chinatown for some late-night noodles and dumplings. 

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10. CRSSD Festival

San Diego’s CRSSD Festival rounds out our list with its focus on techno and house music and its hip, trendy food scene. Think craft beer, fresh oysters, and artisan coffee. It's the perfect place to enjoy the sunset with a craft cocktail in hand, grooving to the deep beats. 🌅🍹

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