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A timeless and classic style, a fairy themed rave fit checks both the boxes of being whimsical and cute. Some festivals just go with the fairy vibe, like Electric Forest or any festival at The Gorge in Washington. 

From a classic cute pastel fairy to a mushroom or fairest fairy, there are a bunch of themes you can go with when creating your look. Fairies conjure up images of nature, flowers and pixie dust; reflect these in your set, makeup and accessories.

When looking for outfit pieces, keep an eye out for anything sparkly or made with floaty fabric. Check out the tips below to get the perfect fairy rave outfit! 

Midnight Fairy

Sometimes you want to channel your cute fairy energy but you still have dark vibes deep in your soul. That's perfectly fine though, because that's when you put on your best dark fairy outfit and get going. These are some of our favorite midnight fairy rave outfits that are available now. 

She Was A Fairy Dress

Under The Willow Tree Sequin Outfit

Dark Arts Mesh Outfit

Forest Fairytale Sequin Fairy Dress Outfit

Pastel Fairy

For a pastel fairy, a sequined set like the Roma X IHR Starry Eyed Sequin Sequin Cami Top and matching bottoms in its pastel blue shade will let you dazzle day and night or go the aerie fairy route with the Purple Wonderland Tie-Front Top, Mesh Arm Warmers, and Ruched Mesh Skirt.

Any pastel butterfly accessories, like the Lavender Butterfly Hair Clips, Flutter Wings Butterfly Choker, and Butterfly BB Vibez Sunglasses, would make this outfit look straight out of a fairytale. A set of Light Up Leg Wraps brings the whimsicality of your look into the night. Finish off your fairy theme with a pair of YRU Dune Desert Pink or Baby Blue Iridescent Platform Boots or if you prefer some shoes closer to the ground, the Pretty Please Purple or Baby Pink Chunky Sneakers will do the trick. 

Let your creativity take you on an adventure when creating your makeup look. Make sure you include sparkly stickers like the Lunita X IHR Rave Fairy Cut Crease Face Jewels for an easy rhinestone cut crease or the Lunautics Rave Day Face Stickers for some holographic butterfly effects. If you are more into glitter over the stickers, the Lunautics Cosmic Galaxy which includes glitter in the shape of butterflies and stars would be a really cute touch. 

Pixie's Playground Outfit

Heaven's Dust Outfit

Iridescent Blush Holo Outfit

Sweet Serenade Outfit

Heaven's Forever Floral Marabou Outfit

Mystical Magic Fairy Dress Outfit

Genie Dust Outfit

Forest Fairy

If you’re looking for a more forest fairy style, any set featuring dark green is the way to go. To help guide your theme, look for accessories featuring flowers and leaves in gold for some goddess energy or in varying colors to keep it more natural. The Lunautics Layered Floral & Face Jewel Mix Pack Set is an incredibly versatile pack that you can use not only on your face, but anywhere on your body that could use some flowers and a little sparkle. Makeup featuring neutral or green tones would keep your outfit feeling earthy, but don’t be afraid to go for some colors to match your floral accessories. 

Forest Nymph White Halter Lace Bodysuit Outfit

Lace Flowerfields Dress Outfit

Forest Nymph Halter Lace Bodysuit Outfit

Frolicking Fantasy Floral Sequin Outfit

Mushroom Fairy

Mushroom fairies have been trending this past year with people donning their homemade mushroom hats.  A set featuring white ruffles and a red mini skirt with white spots all over would be the perfect sort of cute for a cottage core mushie vibe. 

Shroomy Shimmer Marabou Skirt

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