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Bored in the house, bored in the house, bored?? Use this time to dress up and have an at home photoshoot, then share the pic to share on your socials! Pro tip: try these photoshoot tips out before your next live stream so you can show off your new look to your rave squad!

Follow these tips from @lauren_hutzel and your pics are sure to be bangin'. 


1. Pick out an outfit you are comfortable in
Whether this is a big t-shirt and fishnets or pasties and cheeky bottoms, wear what makes you feel confident.

2. Do your hair and makeup just like you would to attend a festival
Add braiding hair or style a wig. Practice a fun, bold makeup look or keep it simple by drawing with eyeliner! My personal favorite- always add glitter!!


3. Accessorize
From body chains, belts, earrings, headband, clips, funky socks, fishnets, sunglasses, kimonos, leg garters, platforms, gloves, the possibilities are endless.


4. Look up poses online and practice in front of a mirror

Instagram and clothing websites are great to look for posing inspiration. Try something wild that you wouldn’t do out in public- there’s no one around to see. You can also lookup videos on posing. Work it, babe!

5. Shoot with a mirror in front of you
I’ve found that moving a mirror to be right behind my camera and tripod works wonders. It helps you nail poses and position yourself in the camera frame to capture just the right shot.


6. Use a ring light, lamps, or a blacklight
Find a bright window of your home and allow the sunshine in. Lighting can be very frustrating but investing in a ring light can help you capture better photos. There are many options that fit any budget. If you want to get super creative, purchase a blacklight or blacklight bulbs. Blacklights are great to shoot with in the dark. Perfect if you only have time to shoot at night.

7. Hang a tapestry or add a background using an app
Tapestries or pashminas make great backdrops. You can purchase them online or at your next festival. If you want to add a background through an editing app, I’ve found it's easier to shoot against a plain wall to do so.

8. Use a tripod and self-timer
Add a tripod piece that holds your phone if you don’t want to use a camera. Portrait mode is great at focusing on the person in the shot - exactly what you need if you’re taking photos alone. Self-timer will give you a moment to strike a pose.

9. Put on your favorite artist and jam out
Home photoshoots should be fun! Listen to a live stream or your favorite recorded set and jam out.

10. Have fun and be yourself!
Every photo will not be your favorite. You can take hundreds and only end up with one or two you like, but that’s not what it is about! You don’t have to be a professional model or consider yourself to be an influencer to dress up and get creative. Be silly, challenge yourself, and above all have fun!

Wondering how to do the edgy slime eye-makeup like Lauren? See this tutorial video below!

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