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While we all miss going to shows and festivals and being immersed by the music, live art, street performers, massive stages, colorful lights, and lasers, these days we are sadly left to enjoy virtual festivals from our couches. Even though we are missing out on the real-life experiences a festival would give us, we can do our best to bring the same energy a rave would give us into our own homes.

Here are a few tips on how to turn your house into the perfect rave venue so you can bring the magic of festival season back into your life!

1. Turn Each Room Into a Different Stage

One of the best parts of going to a festival is getting to see all the elaborate stages with different themes and different artist options! If you want to get the full festival experience, set up a TV, a laptop, or phone in each room and put a different set or live stream on each. Whether you enjoy a different set in each room or frantically try to run from room to room to see both sets like when your two favorite artists play at the same time at an IRL festival, it brings your at-home experience a little closer to what we love so much about festivals.

Pro tip: set up different viewing areas in each room to make it feel like unique stage areas!

inflatable pool in living room

Check out this cool idea - inflate your inflatable pool in your house and fill it with blankets and pillows! It creates the perfect viewing area for your living room live stream! Photo from Olive The Glow (via Facebook)

2. Zoom Your Friends

Raving with your friends creates lasting memories and celebrating virtual festivals would not be the same without them! A great way to rave with your friends during social distancing is to do a group Zoom! Zoom is cool because you can change your background and make it look like you are actually at a festival while you headbang with your friends over the internet!

Zoom backgrounds for ravers

3. Light it Up!

Raves and festivals always have the most amazing lights and lasers to help bring the music to life! While most of us do not have access to the same high level technology that the creators of EDC have, we can find things around the house or online to light things up our own way. Fairy or Christmas lights are a good way to add a pop of color to your at home rave. LED lights are also super fun to have on while you dance in your kitchen, or even an old collection of candles. You can also put on visuals from your computer to help add to the vibe.

twinkle lights for your home

4. Create an At-Home "Rail"

I know all of the bass lovers are missing getting their headbang on so of course there has to be a way to break rail from home. Some options you could use as a rail in your home could be your bed, your couch, or even your bathtub. Stand behind your couch or go on your knees for your bath and grab the top or side and bang your head into the open space as if you were at the very front of the Gorge at Bass Canyon.

5. Make a Dance Floor

A good way to take out all the stress of social distancing is to dance! If you have tile or wood floors in your house put some socks on and it's the perfect place to shuffle! Clear out your living room and let the music take over your body and dance like nobody's watching. Dancing is one of the best parts of raving and it allows us to connect with the music we love, so now is a great time to bust out some new moves to get ready for when festival season returns.


Photo Credit: @peaceloveanais (outfit: Zen Galaxy High Waisted Leggings)

6. Have a Light Show

For all of you flow artists, being able to give others light shows with your gloves, whip, hoop, or poi is one of the best parts of a festival. Right now we, unfortunately, can not show others our arts, but it is a great time to practice and learn for festival season. While you put on your favorite live set, a great way to practice flow arts is in the bathroom mirror or reflection of your TV so you can watch how you move your lights and learn what you need to work on. It is also super mesmerizing to watch yourself do a flow art and makes you feel like you’re back under the electric sky.

Pixel whip

iHeartRaves has tons of Light Toys available! 

7. Make Some Time for "Pre-Rave" festivities 

Making time to do a few simple things like making kandi before the rave can really help set the mood! Zoom is also great to virtually have a kandi-making date with your friends!

Photo credit: @lauren_hutzel (Outfit: Neon Butterfly Cropped Long Sleeve)

Also, dressing up for the virtual rave is a must - you wouldn’t be getting the full rave experience otherwise! Plus, don't forget to take a few pictures to capture the memory! Here is a guide to help take pictures of your perfect at-home rave look. 

rave at home photoshoot

 Photo credit: @skylita.jones (outfit: Transcending Lucent Speed Clasp Triangle TopTranscending Lucent Speed Clasp Mini SkirtWhite Leg WrapsHigh Waisted Thong Booty Shorts)

While raving from home is not ideal for any of us, all we can do is make the best out of the situation we are in and have fun! I hope these tips make your rave at home experience a little bit better and give you something to make time go by a little faster! Sending PLUR energy and good health!

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