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There’s no doubt that these are tough and confusing times. Watching the news and scrolling on social media for hours a day can make things seem even more depressing. BUT, the good news is that there are lots of ways that you can get involved and help put some positivity back into the world. 

This year we’re taking a break from our traditional April Fools articles and wanted to share some April “Smarts” with you instead.

Here are some ideas for how you can be “smart” and give back to the rave community: 


Support Your Favorite Artists

With the lack of festivals and events, DJs are being severely impacted. You can help support them during these rough times by buying some of their merch, or even just by watching/sharing their live streams! Check out Twitch or Youtube to find some bumpin' beats. 

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Send a PLUR Package

Although you can’t see your festie besties in person, you can let them know that you’re thinking of them with the power of some good ol’ fashioned snail mail. Send a package with a few of their favorite festival items along with a heart-felt note and we guarantee you’ll make their quarantine a lot brighter. Check back soon for tips on creating the perfect PLUR package. 

Kandi trade at EDCLV


Giving back to the community doesn't just have to stop with the rave community! One of the best parts about ravers is their ability to spread PLUR wherever they go. Here are a few tips on how you can give back to those in need (ravers, or not!):


Donate Blood

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many blood drives were forced to shut down, resulting in a shortage of 2,700 blood drives from just the Red Cross alone. Imagine what that looks like across the country in terms of shortages from all blood drive centers. Now, more than ever, you can truly save a life by donating blood.

Check out your local blood banks to see what options they have for you to donate.


Meals on Wheels

Ever dreamt of being a master Chef? Here’s your chance to get some serious practice. Meals on Wheels is a program dedicated to helping seniors get meals. You can cook from the comfort of your own kitchen and drop them off to your local Meals on Wheels Center. It’s a great way to give back!

Spinach Salad


Foster an Animal

If your living situation allows, why not spend some time with a furry friend right now? Consider hitting up your local humane society to see if there are any animals that would be a good foster option for you and your household.

Raver Dog Wearing Floral Cat Ears


Donate to Your Favorite Charity using Amazon Wishlist 

Still want to help a local charity out but not leave the house? Chances are, your favorite charity probably has a wishlist on Amazon that you can donate to. Even if it's just a $5 or $10 contribution, every little bit counts! You can usually find their Amazon Wishlist on their social media pages, or try sending them a DM to see what they need most. 

Amazon Wishlist


If you can’t afford to give back right now or donate a service, that’s okay! There are plenty of ways you can still keep the PLUR spirit alive, like by simply calling to check in on friends or loved ones and let them know that you’re here for them during this time. 

We hope you are staying safe and healthy and we can’t wait to see you when festival season starts!

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