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5 Simple Solutions to Common Festival Fashion Dilemmas

I’m sure some of you out there can relate to that frustrating experience of having your hair and make-up ruined in less time than you spent them getting ready… Or the experience of going to a festival and having your favorite fluffies accidentally stomped on over and over. One of the highlights of the festival experience for me is dressing up and planning my outfits, but at the same time, I know it can create a lot of stress if things start to go wrong.


Raving on a Budget

Back in college I was struggling to financially keep up with all of the events that I wanted to go to; I resorted to eating ramen with eggs everyday, having other people drive me around so that I wouldn’t have to pay $60 a tank for my car, and working two jobs on campus. Even this wasn’t enough; I had to dip into my savings to be able to buy extra items that I needed for these events (outfits, transportation, etc).


Behind the Seams: The PLURmaid Collection

We know it was a little late in the year for a beach shoot, but we have these amazing mermaid print pieces and we couldn’t resist! We brought Kelly Eden, Airica Michelle, and Alysia Brunst to a lovely little beach in SoCal and had a blast!The gorgeous gals are a joy to work with and such amazing models, check out these pics, they’ll make you wanna be part of their world (seriously, can I be a PLURmaid?!)


3D Cuff Tutorial

Hey guys and gals, I’m Rose The Raver with iHeartRaves  and today I’m going to be teaching you how to make a 3D cuff. 3D cuffs start out with a simple X-based cuff and then can be built out to create multiple layers and for a fun 3D look.  Typically there is some kind of small toy, charm or even a perler that gets added to the finished project.


Headdresses: Offensive or Expressive?

It’s that time of year again, THANKSGIVING! Most people are waiting for the exciting New Years eve events, but this year in San Francisco we got something new. We have Give Thanks, a brand new event hosted by Vital Events, Ruby Skye, and Midnite. The line up boasts DJs like ATB, Cazzette, Ilan Bluestone,  Sound Remedy and a live performance by Emma Hewitt.


How To Clean Your Fluffies

Alright ladies! It’s Monday after that 3 day festival and your fluffies look…well let’s face it…ratchet. All that shuffling, womping, trudging through festival dirt, stomping up and down stadium stairs, porta potty visits, and main stage crowd dancing has left your pristine fur and beautiful fluffies a sad shade of dirty. So here’s a quick and easy guide to cleaning your fluffies!


Basic Multi Stitch Kandi Cuff Tutorial

Hey guys and gals, I’m Rose The Raver with iHeartRaves and today I’m going to teach you how to make a multi stitch cuff. Multi stitch cuffs are made up of rows of beads stitched together to make a pattern or picture.


Five Popular Festivals & Trends

When you scour the internet or your closet for your next festival outfit there are a few things to keep in mind. Personal style, practicality, and the event itself. The first two, personal style and practicality, are easy — always wear something that you feel good in and is practical. You don’t want to be self-conscious all night nor do you want to lose your things or get too hot (or cold) during the festival. A big aspect of festival fashion is rooted in becoming a part of the experience for many festivals.


What Not to Wear to a Festival

Don’t wear those adorable pumps or dress shoes even if they make your outfit THAT much hotter. Why? It’s not worth it. Festival grounds are unpredictable so you never know if you’ll be walking on grass, dirt, mud, or concrete so high heels are not ideal. Plus, you’ll wanna be jumping and dancing the night away, not writhing in pain. Not to mention, you might have to make it to the stage on the opposite end of the festival grounds quickly to catch your favorite DJ.


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