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We Talked Rave Fashion With The Ultra Angels Before Ultra Music Festival 2022
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Ultra Music Festival

We Talked Rave Fashion With The Ultra Angels Before Ultra Music Festival 2022

Attend any Ultra Music Festival around the world and you'll notice one consistent thing—the dancers. The Ultra Angels are a squad of expert dancers from around the globe add to the uniqueness of the Ultra brand. With space-age costumes and some of the most unreal hairstyles you'll see in the festival scene, the Ultra Angels have been not so quietly influencing rave and festival fashion for years.

We spoke with Katie Kansas, the Entertainment Director for the Ultra Angels who is also on the team herself, as well as Christine Cabreja, another Ultra Angel you'll see onstage at this year's festival.

iHeartRaves:  Can u tell us a bit more about Ultra from ur perspective as a dancer?

Katie Kansas: What an experience! The week of Ultra is so busy and crazy for us. From arrivals to meetings, fittings, rehearsals, creating content and of course the madness of the show days. Being a part of the backstage hustle and bustle is just insane. Plus of course being on that stage in front of all the amazing people feeding off of the energy… This is an incredible moment in time for any performer.

Christine Cabreja: Ultra is it's own universe. This vast amount of beautiful energy. From the stage you can see core memories happening in real time, moments that I know will last forever.


iHR:  What are some of ur favorite pieces the Ultra Angels have worn over the years?

KK: We work with a lot of amazing designers so it is hard to choose but my personal favorite look I created for the girls is always my Clear Bionic Babe that is made from clear worbla, metal details and layered onto of a nude mesh/silver bodysuit.

CC:  It’s so hard to choose! I would say the flag pieces because they’re an Ultra Angels staple. And I absolutely love the purple and red pieces… it’s giving sexy, futuristic superwoman vibes.

IHR:  What are ur favorite rave fashion styles and trends these days?

KK: I am loving the matching sets and new fun leg accessories everyone is wearing. 

CC:  Right now I have been loving harnesses/garters. They dresses up any basic and it looks bad ass.

Strawberryscape Outfit

Desert Drama Outfit

iHR:  Are there any newer rave fashion trends ur excited to see more of this festival season?

KK: I hope to see a bit more of the layered look. Although I know that simple has been trending I love it when people add depth to a look.

CC:  I’m excited to see all the long colorful braids and hairstyles this festival season.

iHR:  Do u have any styling tips and secrets for wearing festival fashion?

KK: Make sure your base look fits [right] and isn’t too tight in the sensitive areas, then start layering fun accessories like harnesses, belts, shrugs, etc. Uncomfortable footwear is just part of the deal but I like to go with combat boots, chunky booties or a wedge sneaker to ensure that I can make it all day/night.

CC: 1- Buy insoles and be proactive about blisters. Boots and sneakers are king. You’ll thank me later. 2 - Layer. You can always take off layers but you can’t put on if you don’t have them. 3 - Get creative and accessorize! You’re here in this life to play and have fun.

Power Up Outfit

Digital Dazzler Outfit

iHR:  Do u have any favorite iHeartRaves pieces?

KK: The Reflective Wave Mesh Oversize Tee.

CC: All of the platforms.

iHR:  If u made a piece of kandi today, what would it say?

KK: Ultra Angels Love U

CC: Let the music touch your soul

iHR:  Who are ur top 5 artists to dance to?

KK: Way too many to even name but we always love to share the MainStage with Jeffery Sutorius, Oliver Heldens and Sunny & Ryan and in Resistance Carl Cox and Eats Everything always make for a good time!

CC: Green Velvet, Claude Von Stroke, Diplo, Carl Cox, and A-Trak.

iHR:  What is ur favorite stage at Ultra Music Festival?

KK: Megastructure is always great to dance on… but of course MainStage gives you all the feels. The pyro is like nothing else.

CC: Resistance.

iHR:  What is ur favorite thing to do in Miami?

KK: Bike ride down the boardwalk, eat at a great local spot and watch the sunset. 

CC:  Hit the beach.

Julia Sachs is the blog editor at iHeartRaves

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