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Get Lucky festival has been one of Utah’s staple electronic events since way back in 2006 when it all started. The event is hosted by V2 Presents, which is the leading dance music promoter and the core of Salt Lake City’s thriving dance music scene.

Get Lucky is a two-day festival jam packed with some of the hottest electronic music artists from around the world. This year the lineup featured two main headliners, Kaskade and Seven Lions. Kaskade replaced Fisher after a last-minute cancellation, which was a fun surprise since it's always a good time to see Kaskade.

The 2020 Get Lucky was canceled the day before the event back when we all thought we would be taking a two week hiatus. Now, finally, after being able to return once again, Get Lucky came back stronger than ever and the vibes were amazing with a stage production that did not disappoint.

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Photo: Chatterz

The Music

Get Lucky’s original headliners were Fisher and Seven Lions, but due to a personal matter, Fisher was unable to make it out. Luckily, V2 Presents had Kaskade in their back pocket, to which he delivered an amazing set. The event also hosted some other artists such as Jason Ross, Kill The Noise, Rusko, Valentino Kahn, John Summit, and some of Salt Lake City’s local legends and up and coming DJs.

Some of my favorite sets were Rusko, John Summit, Seven Lions, and Gem and Tauri. Each artist had delivered a unique set and exceeded all expectations. You could vibe inside to some house music at the Celtic Palace, or head out to the Tent Of Gold, to experience heavier bass. I highly recommend checking out both stages since they are so close together, you won’t miss hardly any time walking between sets.

V2's spring and fall events are usually a bit more laidback than their summer festivals, making them a great intro to the rave scene if it's your first time attending a festival.

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The Venue

The Great Saltair is a beautiful venue with a lot of history dating back to the early 1870s, and has since been rebuilt a number of times. Since it's right on the Great Salt Lake, the venue has pretty unbeatable sunset views and is one of the more scenic festival spots in the US.

The Saltair was advertised as the world's largest dance floor back in those early days and hosted nearly half a million people annually. It is a very interesting place to read about since it has so much history and it’s kind of cool to think about how much has happened at this exact venue. It's definitely one of the more historic dance floors in the United States. You can read about the history here.

Get Lucky is fairly close to Salt Lake City, as it is only about a 20 minute drive and there are hotels as close as 10 minutes away from the venue. The venue also has shuttle buses to and from to make it more convenient for people who are not familiar with the area. Uber prices tend to vary, but I would recommend scheduling one ahead of time since the pickup process can be hectic.

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Get Lucky has always been one of my favorite events here in Utah, and over the years we have seen it grow to a much larger scale. If you have been thinking of going but have not made the trip yet, I would highly recommend checking it out. The people here are very nice and welcome all newcomers with open arms. Like I said, it's a great spot for your first rave or festival.

V2 Presents has a few upcoming festivals if you missed your chance to attend Get Lucky. Check out the event called Get Funky, which is an all house music and is a one stage, one vibe kind of festival happening May 27th and 28th. Das Energi Festival, which is Utah’s largest festival, is happening this summer August 12th and 13th, for its 10-year anniversary.

Oh, and try the chicken strips.


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