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How to Go to Lightning In A Bottle
Photo Credit: Lightning In A Bottle

How to Go to Lightning In A Bottle

After a two-year hiatus, Lightning In A Bottle is happening again this Memorial Day weekend, May 25-20th at Buena Vista Lake, CA! Lightning In A Bottle is more than a music festival; it is a community campout that combines music, art, connection, and magic over the span of five days. Here is a guide on how you can be prepared for this camping and festival experience all weekend long!


Lightning In A Bottle will happen at Buena Vista Lake, which is a little north of Los Angeles. It is a camping festival, so you have the option to choose car camping or VIP camping, and each comes with a car pass. Otherwise you can park in the lot as well, so make sure you carpool with your squad so that you can get spots next to your friends! If you’re coming from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, or Oakland, you also have the option to take the Lightning Bus, which departs from these four cities and will take you to a central part of the campgrounds. You can find car passes and bus passeshere, as well as more information on directions.


This is a five day long festival that will take place on campgrounds and next to a lake. Check out thisblog post for tips on what to bring with to Lightning In A Bottle. Essential items include camping gear like tents and canopies, your own food supply and portable stoves if you want to make your own food, sleeping bags and air mattresses for comfort and warmth in case of cooler weather, and many more listed on the blog for the best camping experience. Make sure to fill up your car before heading into the festival and head in together with other friends to secure adjacent spots.

This year, there is a new boutique camping experience called Atlaswyld, which is a premium experience that will take your camping to the next level with unique accommodations. There are plenty of options for Atlaswyld to choose from and you can learn and book themhere.


California weather can change really quickly, so make sure you pack appropriately for this trip. Some things to pack include layerable clothes, in case it gets cold at night and while camping, swimsuits and swimming gear for if you want to take a dip in the lake, and of course, rave clothes that express your style!iHeartRaves has plenty of outfits and accessories that you can choose from to curate your festival outfits. Here are some outfits that would fit the vibe at Lightning In A Bottle.dashing starlight unicorn

Dashing Starlight Unicorn Outfit

Brave The Desert Outfit

Feelin' Funky Outfit

Serving Swirls Outfit

Ride the Wave Outfit

Festival Culture and Community

Each festival is unique in their values and activities. At Lightning In A Bottle, there is an area called Compass which is an immersive area that offers a diverse array of interactive activities that will provide you the opportunity to engage with others, be in touch with yourself, and expand your hobbies and skills. There is a whole lineup of activities that you can find at the Compasshere and you will see just how many workshops and discussions that are hosted at LIB that all help to expand your mind and inspire new hobbies.

Lightning In A Bottle also has “Six Ways of LIB’ing”, which are the guiding principles for this community and they are:

  1. Celebrate Life
  2. Create Community
  3. Respect Yourself, Respect Others
  4. Actively Participate
  5. Honor the Land
  6. Be a Citizen

Following these guidelines will help you better understand the community and the principles that are held at this festival, and having these in mind will make your experience at LIB truly magical and unlike any other festival. You can learn more about these principles in detailhere, which also includes a glossary for commonly used terms surrounding LIB.

Lightning In A Bottle is a festival for those who want a unique experience that combines nature, technology, community and music all into one place. It is a 24/7 immersive experience that will help you connect with others, the land, and yourself as you find various activities that you can participate in to expand your mind, as well as enjoy the music of some of the best DJs and artists. Tickets are availablehere so make sure you get yours so you don’t miss out on the most amazing and beautiful festivals in California!

Katherine Xu is a blogger at iHeartRaves.

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