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We all have one—that story that, looking back, you still can't believe really happened at a festival or rave. Whether your craziest rave story is dangerous, thrilling, confusing, or just flat-out serendipitous, it's still an unforgettable moment that you can look back on. We talked to our team, and all of you, to get the tea on some of the craziest rave stories out there. Here's some of our favorites: 

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"I asked a guy for a lighter and by the end of the fest me and all of my friends followed his sis on Insta." - @moonlight.virtue on Instagram

"One time at Desert Hearts I saw this guy trying to get past me to the front of the stage and he was doing these really strange noodle dance moves and his eyes looked crazy and he kept bumping into all my friends and me. It got really annoying and honestly a little scary so I said "hey can you stop you're being kinda creepy" and he turned around and shrugged and said " its the only way i know how to be." because it was honestly so silly and such a strange thing for someone to say it lightened the entire mood and we were no longer freaked out by him. for the rest of the night we saw him doing his thing and were amused by his existence." - Tessla

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"A guy (who was very drunk) accidentally peed on me. [Another time] a guy got his eyebrow piercing ripped out and had me take him to the aid station (I was 12)." - @moonlight.virtue on Instagram 

"I have so many favorite memories but one would be the Funk House at EDC, so many good memories but all the actual scratchers playing and dancing to classic music at a rave was so much fun and the vibe at that stage was so incredible. We would bring anyone having a bad time, who was lost or couldn’t find friends etc to that stage and it would completely change their night because the vibe was so good. And DJ Jazzy Jeff told my friend happy birthday there! He read out totem and she was tripping so hard she didn’t even notice." - Anonymous

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"I was walking back to camp one morning at a festival after a sunrise set and ran into a guy making homemade brick oven pizza in the middle of the desert festival grounds. It wasn't a portable brick oven either. He had brought out a full-size brick oven (or constructed it?) and was slinging fresh pizza for people. It was honestly some of the best pizza I've ever had in my life and the vibes were immaculate." -Anonymous  

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"One time at Burning Man I saw a couple dancing with their infant at a party at 4 am. The baby had headphones on but instead of a stroller or bike seat they had it in a garden wagon with twinkle lights on it." - Julia 


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"During a new years Odesza set, I saw someone carrying a Nigel Thornberry totem with a guy that looked exactly like him. I told him 'omg it's you!' He turns to his friend and said 'no, it's you!!' I found out they were triplets that all looked like Nigel Thornberry. Then the clock struck midnight and it was the new year," - Sarah

"My favorite festival memory ever: spent all of Monday morning, of the last day of Shambhala, exploring alone with a dead phone. I was about to head back to camp at 4am when i stumbled upon Skream, my all time favorite DJ, playing a secret sunrise set. I ran into my friends that I had lost the whole night in the crowd. This was right after I found the famous secret Shambhala rubber chicken slide so i was on cloud 9. Skream ended up playing for 5 hours (!!) until 10 am and we had to go back and leave the festival grounds! the absolute best way to end the weekend," - Sarah

"One time my best friend and I were traipsing about being ridiculous, as one does on day 3 of the festival. She screamed out of nowhere 'Build me a mattress of men! I want a mattress of men!' Then all the girls in the group joined in and the men decided they would oblige us. So we found a huge mattress on the dancefloor and all the men laid down as the base layer and we all laid on top of them. It was purely platonic but honestly the only way to survive the 30 degree weather at the fest!" - Tessla

"One time at Das Energi, EPROM was playing a set at the beach stage while the headliner played at the mainstage. This was before EPROM got popular but my friends and I knew about him. We went to the set and there were maybe 5 people there but it was SO good, and so special to have that experience in such an intimate setting. Check out new DJs! They might end up being some of your best festival experiences." - Anonymous 

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"Years ago I took a picture of a funny totem that I liked at BUKU (rip). I never saw the person holding it but a few years later I went again and saw the totem again. I ended up making friends with the guy and we're still friends on Facebook!" - Anonymous 

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