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Pride 2024 is almost here, and whether you're going all-out for your first Pride or if you're a veteran, it's time to honor the queer activists that fought for the LGBTIQ rights we have today. There's still work to do, but Pride Month is a time to celebrate how far we've come in making the world a better place for everyone—no matter their gender identity or sexuality.


The History of Pride Month

Pride month began as a protest and riot in New York City's West Village on June 28, 1969 when police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular safe haven for LGBTQ people at the time. In those days, dressing up as a person of the opposite sex was a crime, and many LGBTQI people were forced to live in secret or risk arrest.

Gay bars at the time operated in secret, or at least kept their patronage fairly under wraps to protect the people that they served. Bars served as a safe space for LGBTQI people, offering a space of refuge in a society that didn't welcome or accept them for who they were.

The Stonewall Riots began when Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, two trans women of color, sparked a riot outside of the Stonewall Inn to protest the police raid that happened there that day (though there is speculation that Johnson didn't arrive until later). The riots sparked what we now celebrate as Pride after the event triggered protests for LGBTQI liberation around the world.

Throughout history, raves and underground dance music events have been a safe space for LGBTQI youth to celebrate themselves and feel welcomed for who they are. Some of your favorite EDM genres have come from club and rave scenes that were started by LGBTQI artists and creators.

What Does The Pride Rainbow Mean?

Believe it or not, each color in the Pride flag represents something different. The original rainbow pride flag has six colors which represent the following:

Red: Life

Orange: Healing

Yellow: Sun

Green: Nature

Blue: Harmony

Violet: Spirit

A new version of the Pride flag was unveiled in 2018 when graphic designer Daniel Quasar added a five color chevron to the left side of the flag to represent inclusion within the LGBTQI community. The colors in the chevron represent the following:

White, pink and blue: Transgender pride

Brown, Black: people of color within the LGBTQI community

What to wear to Pride events:

Pride is about self expression and celebrating your own unique identity. So, when you attend a pride celebration, don't be afraid to celebrate yourself in the way that feels most authentic. Fun, colorful outfits both celebrate the colors associated with Pride while also allowing you to get creative with your look.


iHeartRaves Pride Collection


The pride collection at iHeartRaves celebrates the LGBTQI community and the diversity within the community as a whole. Create your pride 2023 look by thinking about what makes you feel the most confident and authentic, and go from there. Whether you're going to a morning parade or to an all night dance party, the pride collection is meant to help you feel like your best self as you celebrate LGBTQI history.

Rolita Couture x iHR Floral Frenzy Outfit

Daisy Diva Carnival Outfit

Daisy Dreamland Outfit

Get Down Girl Recycled Fabric Outfit

Happy Haven Outfit

Butterfly Realm Outfit

Rainbow Reflective Daisy Outfit




It's not required, but glitter does make everything better. You can add a dash of camp to any look by incorporating glitter or body jewels into your outfit or makeup. You can shop body glitter and face jewels at iHeartRaves.


You can add more color to your pride outfit by adding wigs and hair accessories to your look. This is a fun way to create an original look, and you can even go in drag if you want to experiment with gender. Shop wigs and hair accessories here.


Makeup is one of the most fun ways to experiment and show off your true self. Play around with textures and colors to create a fun makeup look for pride 2021. I love playing with bright colored eyeshadows and liners to create a cool eye look. Plus, now that mask mandates are being lifted you can finally experiment with cute lipstick colors again.


Just like at a festival, pride still comes with its own risks. Keep your things safe with something like a fanny pack or a small backpack that you can keep close to you. Keep an eye on your surroundings no matter where you are and check out our guide to avoiding theft at festivals for some ideas on how to avoid theft at pride.


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