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PHXLIGHTS: Supernova shapeshifted the Phoenix Raceway into a supersonic space odyssey taking flight to a milky way of celestial music for the aliens posing as EDM-worshipping humans in Phoenix, Arizona! With artists NGHTMRE, Seven Lions, and Deorro B2B Valentino Khan, the raceway-turned-dance-floor was ravers’ getaway from their galaxy far, far away during this two-day futuristic adventure! 

The Mothership Stage: Far Out Among the Stars

As gates opened and RESIDUO welcomed ravers to this intergalactic party,  they were greeted by the legendary flying saucer PHXLIGHTS sign inspiring those to snag a quick picture with their rave families, or should I say fellow space cadets? When the sun finally vanished to reveal the stars in the black sky, night 1’s special B2B performance showcased JOYRYDE B2B Habstrakt was loved to the moon and back.

Watching JOYRYDE collaborate with a friend and fellow DJ-producer Habstrakt on stage livened him to express his delight that spread to the crowd’s body language. JOYRYDE said he was grateful to be there at PHXLIGHTS with his friends and family while rainbow visuals were displayed in the background. With this masterful combination of these two heavy-hitting names, it created another flavor of bass house that felt extremely special to PHXLIGHTS.

If this set couldn't become more special for this duo, JOYRYDE asked the crowd to wish Habstrakt him a happy birthday and the crowd without hesitation proceeded. In the midst of everyone dancing themselves clean, a rave family dressed as a group of astronauts in full helmet gear! 

For the past three years in Arizona’s EDM scene, the spinning cloths, formally known as flow stars, weren't extremely popular, but they were popular in Arizona this weekend! It was eye-opening to see this new and upcoming change happening in the local flow art print paired with matching Kritter Klips and a tail!

It wasn’t exactly related to aliens but it was a space-strawberry-inspired look! Seeing this specific outfit inspired me to buy matching Kritter Klips and corresponding tail at The Dreamland Studios vending booth! One unexpected perk about this festival map: there was always a food vendor in close proximity to every stage which saved time!

On night 2, ALLEYCVT shared her space bass transcending the crowd, followed by Apashe and Dr. Oliver Tree. After, the crowd finally made it to their destination into a futuristic soundscape with Deorro B2B Valentine Khan and Kaskade. 

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Extraterrestrial Earthlings at The Evo Silent Disco 

Two channels hosting to the sounds of house, bass, DnB, and the genre-bending combination of all of it was a perfect spot to spend time away from the main stage if you needed a break from the crowd. Plus, who doesn't like channel surfing to give support to all of the artists? By the end of the night 1, most people scattered this stage’s dance floor to see Seven Lions.

Even though PRETTYHARD’s performance was the second to last set for this stage, Sed’s Vortex was seen at the front of the stage supporting him–seeing DJ-producer-couples support one another is another form of PLUR in my book! Night 2 scheduled artists DOMINATRIX, SAFEWORD, and more to continue Arizona’s trip beyond the galaxy. 

BeatBox Invasion Stage: Abducted by the Sound

Near the outskirts of the BeatBox Invasion Stage, Weird & Wonderful cast members were dressed in chrome outfits and large green yoda ears! If you’re a stage-hopper like me, watching performers in full character on the way to the next stage deserves to be listed on the itinerary of fun at every festival!

Despite the Invasion stage being a side stage, many would think this stage wouldn’t rise to the occasion with a packed stage, but this stage was packed during SEPPI’s hardcore performance that had everyone dancing to every bass drop on night 1! District XII, a local heavy riddim DJ, still had dancers clinging to every heavy bass drop because Arizona celebrates local artists from their community like any other headliner! Night 2 carried another well-loved riddim DJ-producer BLVCKROSE, Cafe Caderas, and more to end the weekend’s excursion. 

Couldn’t make it to PHXLIGHTS this year? Check out the Relentless Beats event calendar here to get yourself back on the dance floor this festival season!

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