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2022 was a great year for EDM releases, finishing even stronger than it started. These past two months have been full of neck-breakers, emotional pieces and everything in between. Here are a few of our favorites, along with what to wear when you hear them live:


This year started with Subtronics’ debut album, FRACTALS, setting the tone for many amazing new releases to come. Now 11 months later, we have been blessed with ANTIFRACTALS. This follow-up album includes VIP mixes, guest DJs and a whole lot of bass. The Cyclops Army has been obsessed with this drop, helping the album hit over a million streams in just 24 hours!

The Fit: Don’t Be A Stranger Outfit

Be ready to get weird listening to this one. The beanie and puffer vest combo is a fun, unique look, ideal for this album. Subtronics is definitely not afraid to be himself up on stage, so you should feel that same confidence in the crowd.

Cold Blooded - Kompany

“Cold Blooded” is a high energy, dubstep track made for bassheads who like rage. Kompany experimented with some new elements of sound design with this one and it paid off. The mechanical sounds and heavy drops might scare off your strictly househead friends, but they are much appreciated by dubstep fans.

The Fit: Special Agent LED Glasses

This song has a major robotic feel to it, so a cyber themed outfit will fit right in. These glasses are perfect for “Cold Blooded.” Pair them with a matrix-style piece like the Lyte Couture Cyber Grid Chain High Waist Bottoms to complete the look.

Anti-Hero Remix - Illenium

It feels like Taylor Swift’s album was all anyone outside of the EDM community was talking about for weeks. Illenium united pop and EDM fans with the “Anti-Hero” remix. This song is a great place to start if you’re trying to get your friends into electronic music. With chord chops and pure vocals, I wouldn’t be surprised if it reminded them of their old favorite Chainsmokers song.

The Fit: Glamour Girl Pearl Studded Marabou Skirt Set

This sheer set is covered in pearls and lined with feathers. It’s the perfect softie look for any Taylor Swift fan exploring the EDM world. This lightweight set is a great option to keep you looking and feeling glamorous throughout the show.

Revolution - John Summit

For all my techno baddies, the party king himself, John Summit, has ventured into the technoverse with “Revolution.” Known for his house hits and carefree lifestyle, John Summit has become an easily recognizable name in 2022. To close out the year, he dropped his first techno track and it’s awesome. The piece, driven by repetitive percussion and bass, is elevated with synths to create a total banger.

The Fit: Laser Cut Outfit

The glasses and all-black look scream techno and the garter bottoms add a fun element to the outfit. You’ll be partying all night when you see John Summit, so make sure you’re comfortable and feeling like your best self!

2022 was an astounding year for new music. We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!

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