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Heading to a festival with your squad is one of the best parts of the festival experience! It can be chaotic to organize and to finally get the plans out of the group chat, but nothing beats dancing around at a festival with your rave fam. To take your crew to the next level and stand out in the crowd, go all out and coordinate a squad festival outfit! Walking into a festival with your best friends is super fun, but walking in together in matching outfits adds another layer to the festival experience for you and your group!

Shop Matching Sets and Collections

There are plenty of outfits that provide similar styles and colors that all fit the same vibe. iHeartRaves has many sets that come in many different options. For example, this Backstage Baddie set comes in both silver and rainbow reflective colors! You can mix and match, have someone in your group go all silver, someone else go all rainbow or one of each. There’s also different types of tops for that same style, like this crop top. There’s plenty of room to play around with different pieces of clothing, and picking a common style allows each person to choose their preferred style of clothing and color. 

Cyber Matrix Cropped Puffer Jacket

Cyber Matrix Longsleeve Bodysuit

Cyber Matrix Chain Halter Top

Common Theme

Another great way to coordinate a group outfit is to pick a theme! This option is fun because you can get creative and there’s so many options to choose from. You can cater the theme to match the vibe of the festival or event. For example, if you’re heading to EDC, you and your crew could choose a flower or daisy theme for the outfit.

Or if you’re going to a Halloween rave like Escape, everyone can show up dressed as characters from shows or movies like Sanrio characters or wizards from Hogwarts. Even for a normal festival, you could pick a vibe to find outfits for like retro or disco themed rave outfits, like this disco print set here!

Bell bottom rave pants, funky prints, vibrant colors- there’s so much room to play around with the theme and iHeartRaves has so many fits for whatever theme you and your friends choose.

Lightning Flash Reflective Outfit

Augmented Reality Reflective Outfit

Color Coordination

A super fun way to get your group matching outfits is to color coordinate! This option is good for those that want to have the ability to cater an outfit around their style but with a common color choice among everyone else. There’s options to choose between bright and vibrant colors or neutral but still eye catching colors. You could even go with sparkly colors or holographic prints which will take the color coordination to the next level! Color coordinating is a great way to give everyone in the group the opportunity to pick their sets based on what they like and also the opportunity to represent a spectrum of colors. You’re not limited to just one color as well! Find a common print like checkered prints or mushroom prints.

Happy Happy Speed Clasp Bodysuit

Psychedelic Pink O-Ring Top and Skirt

Ace The Game Reflective Fishnet Vest

Matching Elements

If wearing all the same colors isn’t your vibe, another way to coordinate a group outfit is to pick a style element to match around. For example, your group could go with mesh pieces and outfits. Or if it’s cold, you could go with matching fur jackets or knitted pieces. Feeling edgy? Go with leather or faux leather materials! You can totally cater the style and elements to fit the vibe of where you’re going or who you’re seeing, and even for the weather too! 

Ignite My Fire Clasp Outfit

Ignite My Fire Fishnet Outfit

Matching Accessories

Even if you’re short on time or maybe your crew is too big to do a whole coordination of outfits, you could totally coordinate a group fit with just accessories! For example, you and your crew could get matching bags or fanny packs, matching shades and glasses, have everyone wear the same accessory like adding leg wraps or knee high socks or gloves, and so much more! Find an accessory that everyone loves to add on to any outfit.

You could even get a big pack of matching accessories, like sprout hair clips that come in big packs so you and everyone else can be part of the fun! If you’re crafty, you can even DIY matching accessories- make some perler necklaces for everyone in your group with a design that speaks to them or personalized kandi!

Coordinating group outfit isn’t as hard as it seems. It can be as simple as adding something small to outfits you and your group already have or it could mean getting completely new pieces to craft a new and unique outfit and theme for your group. With the proper planning and shopping, you and your crew will for sure stand out in the crowd and it will create the best memories and photo ops as well. Group outfits are a great way to combine creativity, collaboration, and unity with your group but still give you the chance to add your personal touch. 

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