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Fun & flirty skirts for raves and festivals!

There's nothing better than a good music festival during the summertime; listening to ur favorite EDM artists perform live, enjoying the thrill of vibing to the music with hundreds of people who share the same interest as u. These are the moments that you can feel limitless. When it comes to getting ready and choosing ur rave clothing there are certain guides you might want to follow, but there are absolutely no rules on how u can express yourself.

Before heading out that night, you'll want to consider if you'll be able to dance in ur rave clothes. To make your life a little easier, here are some tips u can use when planning out ur fit for the upcoming event.

It is easy to find so much inspiration on the internet when searching for music festival outfits; including cute mini skirt outfits and short skirts outfits.  Here at iHeartRaves, we always offer amazing festival maxi skirts, fringe maxi skirts, and the like.

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to rave outfits. Ur fits can depend on how u feel during that day, what u want to express, or what u have been planning to wear for months. When in doubt, you can always wear ur go-to booty shorts or show off ur legs with an open-front maxi skirt. Either way, these fits are bomb AF, and u can surely pull them off.

If you're not in the mood for the usual high waisted booty shorts and want to try something unusual, sparkle skirts are def a fresh idea. Along with cute mini skirts and open side skirts, these bottoms are an exceptional way to show off your statement platform rave shoes in style.

Choose to wear pieces that are both chic and comfortable. U can opt for a mini skort or short fringe skirts and pair them with a crop top; finishing off the look with sky-high platform rave boots. These cute mini skirt outfits let u show off ur figure and allow you to be comfortable at the event.

Good skirt short and short flowy skirts are also cute, fashionable, versatile, and fun to wear.  U can also sport a metallic rave skirt if you're feeling extra that day.

Anyone will look gorgeous and sexy in rave shorts or mesh skirts, as they both accentuate the waist. For ur top, u can opt for a fishnet bodysuit or mesh crop top.

If you're not about those cute sexy skirts and short skirt outfit trends, there's another option just for u. You can look ultra glam in a long rave skirt and open skirts.

A glitter skirt outfit is a fabulous option, as it sparkles and glows all day and night while you're gallivanting around the dance floor. Short sequin skirts are super easy to style, too, as u can pair them with a mesh bikini top, neon pasties, or even a cutout crop top. Then, polish the look with a touch of glitter, platform rave shoes , and fingerless gloves for that ultimate rave BB vibe.

Festival skirts are truly the hottest trend in the rave scene right now. Those black rave skirt fits are sexy and sultry, perfect for days when you're just feeling yourself. ?You can never go wrong with rave skirts for your upcoming festivals.