Glitter Roots Tutorial
Kellie Burch | September 25, 2018

Glitter Roots Tutorial

Part of the fun of raves/festivals is dressing up from head to toe - literally! A relatively easy way to add some serious sparkle to your look is to create Glitter Roots in your hair! Glitter roots (quite literally meaning to glitter the roots of your hair) are a super fun way to add some sparkle to your look. Simply follow these steps from one of our favorite stylists, Tasha Tripp, to get your hair on the same level as your outfit.  Continue Reading
Get to Know iHeartRaves' Makeup Artist, Vanessa Haro
Kellie Burch | May 25, 2018

Get to Know iHeartRaves' Makeup Artist, Vanessa Haro

For more than five years, Vanessa Haro has been creating makeup magic behind-the-scenes at iHeartRaves' photoshoots. No matter what look we are trying to achieve, this talented Makeup Artist is able to turn our already gorgeous models from natural to glam, to ultimate rave sparkle queen. Aside from being insanely talented, she's also extremely witty and very fun to work with. I was so excited to be able to talk to her more about her career and history with iHeartRaves, makeup tips and more. Continue Reading
Raver Girl wearing black monokini with purple festival braids
Photo Credit: Stephanie Le Photography
Kellie Burch | May 15, 2018

4 Festival Hairstyles You Need to Try

Picking out your outfits is only half the excitement when it comes to festival fashion. There’s a whole world out there when it comes to creating fun looks for your tresses. Are you bored of styling your hair as you would in the non-rave world? Check out these 4 hairstyles you need for Festival Season. Continue Reading
Sparkle Forever with Lunautics Glitter and Gems
Photo Credit: Stephanie Le
Kellie Burch | May 08, 2018

Sparkle Forever with Lunautics Glitter and Gems

When it comes to festival fashion, there’s one trend that only seems to be getting bigger and more unique: glitter & bedazzlements. We sat down with Claudia, the founder of Lunautics, one of the biggest brands in the game, to find out how she went from having a corporate 9-5 job to starting her own glitter company. Continue Reading
Pretty Princess Glitter Tutorial
Kellie Burch | March 12, 2018

Pretty Princess Glitter Tutorial

I wouldn’t call myself a glitter expert, but I've been putting glitter on long enough to know a thing or two about how to style it. Once glitter was introduced into the world of raving, I was immediately hooked! When I started adding glitter to my makeup routine for events, my friends started asking me: how do you do that?! To inspire and help others with their glitter needs, I’ve come up with one look that will have you feeling pretty fabulous! Continue Reading
Glitter & Rhinestone Makeup Tutorial for Raves & Music Festivals - Moon Kitty
Kellie Burch | February 27, 2018

Festival Glitter Tutorial: Moon Kitty Look

I’m always looking for new makeup ideas since I try to make every outfit unique and I was recently inspired by The Gypsy Shrine’s moon face glitter. I decided to give it a test run on myself and share with my reader’s my version of the glittery moon. In this tutorial, I’ll be using various glitter products, festival jewels, and some iHeartRaves accessories to create this Moon Kitty look! Continue Reading
I Tried Magnetic False Lashes For Raving
Alex Jennison | November 10, 2017

I Tried Magnetic False Lashes For Raving

Somewhere along the dark hours of my internet life, an ad for “revolutionary” magnetic false lashes appeared.... with a price tag of $70 and a 4 week wait list.

I’m someone who 90% of the time is wearing false lashes at events, and constantly wishing I had the patience to put them on every single day. I love the look of full lashes and I haven’t found a mascara to do it for me. I’m also a little afraid of eyelash extensions, so I’ve avoided looking into those too much.

Therefore, magnetic false lashes seemed like a great idea, so I decided to try them out for all of you and here are the results!


Continue Reading