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Somewhere along the dark hours of my internet life, an ad for “revolutionary” magnetic false lashes appeared.... with a price tag of $70 and a 4 week wait list.

I’m someone who 90% of the time is wearing false lashes at events, and constantly wishing I had the patience to put them on every single day. I love the look of full lashes and I haven’t found a mascara to do it for me. I’m also a little afraid of eyelash extensions, so I’ve avoided looking into those too much.

Therefore, magnetic false lashes seemed like a great idea. So, after lots of debating, bank account checking, and review reading, I ordered the Original Lash set from One Two Lash.

lash set from one two lash

Above: The Original Lash set with a little wear.

I waited forever for my lashes to arrive (which I knew was going to happen because of the wait list situation) and when I finally got them I was so excited. The box comes with a little compact with two sets of lashes (not to be worn at the same time).

I saw videos of people applying them with tweezers but I’m not that meticulous of a gal so I just went ahead with my fingers to put them on. I wear contacts, so I think this helps with the ease and precision at which I can bring my fingers toward my eye.

“Using our patent pending micro-magnetic technology, One Two Lash® sandwiches your natural lashes between two ultra-lightweight fiber strips to create a bold, dramatic lash line in seconds.”

When applying my lashes, there were instructions, but I definitely could have used some clarity on the application process, so here it is for you.

There are two lash pieces you use to attach to your natural lashes on the outer edges only. I would apply my own mascara first always. This is because you need to fill the space from where the false lashes are to blend with your natural lashes. The lashes have a magnet only in the center of the piece. The lashes are curved, so they follow your eyeliner well, but not perfectly. If you’re in this for perfection, cancel your order.

rave girl testing magnetic lashes

Above: Me without One Two Lash lashes, and with One Two Lash Lashes. You can see they do make my lashes look more full and wing out.

So after letting my mascara dry, I’d get my lashes on. One of the lashes always has a red dot on the magnet, this is for the under part, and the other one is for the top part. You can also tell by where the magnet is attached to the false lash. The magnets should always face each other when applying.

First you place the top lash toward the outer edge of your eye, on top of your lashes. I think most eyeliner has a little bit of magnetic powers because I could feel a gentle pull from my false lashes toward my eyelid. Then, carefully, you take the bottom lash and place it under your natural lashes.

The magnet is really strong, and it’s very easy to have the top magnet pulled forward away from your eyeliner when trying to place the bottom set of lashes. I found that to combat this I would go in magnet first with the lashes perpendicular to my natural lashes to clip the magnet, then flip them up when first applying. Later, I would just go in toward my eye and only pop up to meet the magnet at the last second. If you didn’t, the lashes would connect away from your eyeliner and you’d have to go again.

There were some times when putting them on that I would have to take them off and start all over, but it wasn’t like I was using glue so it wasn’t that annoying. I also got better as time went on.

I had some good and bad days with these lashes. I hoped to wear them every day, and I did, for a while until they wore out. They slowly got flatter and had some random lashes popping all over the place like a hot mess. You can see a little bit of this in the photo below.

With there being two sets, I thought I would have two sets to work through when one set wore out, but each piece was made so differently, that I had to kind of create my own one set with the two sets. I tried to message the One Two Lash team on Instagram about this but never heard back. It was a shame because the one pair I matched was amazing, but then the leftovers were just a wasted pair.

As they started to wear out, I got an email from Groupon for Magnetic Lashes. Alas! I was saved! Turns out, these were a different no-name brand making them and selling sets for $12. I had really liked my One Two Lash set, while they lasted, but I really was upset at the giving out on me so fast at the price they were. After failed attempts to contact their team about issues I had with One Two Lash sets early on, I decided $12 was worth the dough to get a new pair.

used magnetic lashes compared to lightly used

Above: the Groupon set (left) and the well worn One Two Lash set (right).

These arrived and sucked. Totally sucked. The magnet was weak and barely attached to the false lash. I think that with a little super glue I might be able to make this better myself, but still the magnet is weak. The quality of the lash is also poor, but hey, I took a gamble, all in the name of research too. I didn’t want to give you guys a review without testing some other options out there. I think they were also too long for their use, so they popped up a lot more than the One Two Lash set on the outer edges when worn.


customer selfie with magnetic lashes onAbove: Pair from Groupon. They definitely looked thicker, but the edges popped up too high as you can see in the middle of my eyes.

So how do I feel?

PROS: I liked my magnetic lashes, and someday, when I have more money I’ll probably try to get a new One Two Lash set and go back to wearing them every day. They were so easy to put on and I really loved how pretty they looked. They also hold super well, I wore them on a windy boat once and they held in place.

CONS: They aren’t perfect. Corners pop up and you need eyeliner to fill in the space. A set isn’t exactly made equally either, with magnets not centered and some lashes being longer than others or popping up at a different angle making them unusable. Also, when they fall apart, damn do they fall. It ain’t pretty. They’re super expensive but hopefully costs will go down as they become more popular.


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