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Halloween is all about accessorizing! The perfect accessory can take a normal look to an amazing costume in seconds. Open up your imagination and the sky's the limit. Check out these hot accessories to make your 2018 Halloween a smashing success:

Rave Accessory Need #1: Face Gems

Face Gems are an easy way to take your costume's theme to the next level. iHeartRaves offers tons of different options when it comes to face jewels. Here's some themed jewels to match your costumes:


Superhero Gems:

Wonderwoman Face Jewels
Wonder Woman All In One Face Jewels

Wonder Woman Rave Outfit

Sparkly Strappy Bikini Top, Metallic Rave Booty Shorts, See Through You BootsNeva Nude American Beauty Face Jewels

Batgirl inspired rave outfit

Dark Fairy Velvet Top, Fence Net Thigh Highs, Gold Leg Wraps, Electro 2.0 Booty Shorts


Batgirl Face Jewels

Bat Girl All In One Face Jewels


Dragon Inspired Face Gems: 

Dragon Inspired Face Gems


Gypsy Shrine Envy Face Jewels, Raving Rainbow Sequin Top

Emerald Green Face Jewels with Dragon Theme

Gypsy Shrine Envy Face Jewels

Flapper Face Gems

Flapped Inspired Halloween Costume

Superstitious Glow Halter Top, Rhinestone Mesh Skirt, Gypsy Shrine Starry Eyes Face Jewels

Rave Accessory Need #2: Wings

Wings are an easy way to transform any rave look into the costume of your dreams. Be a beautiful butterfly or if you’re feeling more daring, try our light up wings to be an angel or goddess.

Light up LED Fairy Wings


Purple Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Jeweled Pasties

Add some butterfly pasties for maximum effect with these Lunautics Bejeweled Butterfly Pasties

Rave Accessory Need #3: Pasties

Pasties are an easy way to let everyone know what you are dressed up as super easily. If you’re looking for a spooky look, go for our skeleton pasties or spider webs. For a trippy look go for our mushroom pasties or one of our alien options. If you’re feelin’ cute and girly, we have tons of sparkly hearts, stars, boob jewels and more to make sure you shine all night. You can also easily become a multitude of different animals such as kitty, butterfly, tiger,

Halloween themed pasties

Neva Nude T-Rex Pasties, Pastease Glow In The Dark Skeleton Hands Pasties, Neva Nude Web We Weave Pasties, Pumpkin Patch Pasties


Trippy Themed Pasties

Pastease Glitter Glow In The Dark Alien Pasties, Pastease Kawaii Sunshine Pasties, Pastease Holographic Mushroom Pasties, Neva Nude Rainbow Flip Sequin Weed Leaf Pasties
animal themed pasties

Pastease Black Glitter Happy Kitty Pasties, Neva Nude Butterfly Kisses Pasties, Neva Nude Glitter Tiger Pasties, Pastease Flamingo Flip Sequin Pasties

Rave Accessory Need #4: Seamless Masks 

A seamless mask is a simple way to create an eye-catching costume as well as add dimension to an existing one. From spooky and scary to psychedelic and cute- we’ve got you covered.

Eye See You Seamless Mask
Eye See You Seamless Mask Bandana and Thrilling Gaze Cami


Mermaid themed rave outfit

Pastel Plurmaid Seamless Mask Bandana, J. Valentine Fantasea High Cut Bodysuit, Cosmic Heroine Mesh Skirt, Pair Of Non-Slip Neon Blue Leg Wraps, Demonia Hella Holographic Platform Boots

Witch seamless Mask

Show off your witchy side with an enchanting seamless mask - like this design, Cosmic Doodles

Rave Accessory Need #5: Furry Hoods

A furry hood is a super cozy and cute option to easily become a cute wolf, panther, or other kitty creature.

Furry Hood with Space Design

Electric Galaxy Black Panther Hood


Rave Accessory Need #6: Hosiery and Harnesses

Hoisery and harnesses are an affordable and easy way to add an element to your costume. From fishnets to thigh high socks to metallic tights, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes the legwear is what inspires the costume in the first place!

Mystical Symbol Tights

Salem Glitter Harness

Salem Glitter Harness

Utlity Belt for ravers

Our Multi Strap Garter Utility Belt could make a badass ninja, Laura Croft, police officer or spy costume.


Whatever you wanna be this Halloween, from spooky to sexy to cute, we’ve got the perfect accessories to make your outfit shine. For more rave outfit inspiration check out our outfits page.

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