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What are raves and how did they start?

What is a rave? We're glad you asked! Raves are large dance parties featuring performances by DJs and occasionally live performers playing dance music. Underground rave parties used to be held in secret, secluded locations where they could bump rave music loud 'til the sun came up. Much has changed since then. These parties are no longer in abandoned buildings without signs or decor (though some are!), raves today feature everything from food vendors to art installations and other activities for attendees.

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Because of the dangers of these unregulated events, event promoters have changed their tactics and now throw rave parties at various locations in accordance with city regulations. They can range from small events with one stage in a warehouse downtown to multi stage events at a larger venue or even still, large multi-stage events in the middle of the desert.

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What sets a rave apart from a regular music festival or concert is that it often doesn't matter who is playing (though favorite DJ's definitely draw in crowds of fans ready to catch their favorite producer playing a set). People go to raves solely for the vibes and don't necessarily mind that they could be seeing either a local DJ or a massive, global artist. There's a lot more to it, though, so read on to find out more about the difference between a rave and a music festival, and how to prepare for your first rave or music festival.

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 10/26/2023