Rave fashion never stops evolving and 2023 is an exciting year for festival fashion. Not too long ago, ravers were notorious for bright neon colors. Now it seems rave fashion has circled back to the ultra-bight neon trend! If you’re not sure what to wear to EDC or any other festivals this season, here are some of the latest trends in rave apparel.

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, ravers have taken a liking towards darker colors. Black truly is the new black this season, which is why we have recently added all new mostly black styles to our rave clothing store.

Ravers today prefer sleek halter tops and cute bralettes over the classic rave bra, the strappier the better. Strappy bottoms and bottoms with cut outs are seen at festivals everywhere. It seems that ravers' newfound love for strappy and lace up everything comes from the influence of street fashion on festival wear.


Ravers who have kept true to their colorful souls have left neon brights behind and are now sporting more earthy colors and pretty pastels. A new festival favorite has been a pastel tie dye pattern we’ve seen on everything from our micro cut out bottoms to draped hoodie tops, bodysuits and more. For those who like the dark side, but want to add just a touch of color to their EDC outfits, an oil slick pattern is a must.

Oil slick patterns are richly colored fabrics that feature deep purple, green, and blue hues. The new oil slick trend is the new update on the hologram fabric trend of last season. And for those who like crazy patterns and colors, all over print is all the rage. All over print garments come in tons of styles from crop tops to men’s tanks and shorts and feature a variety of exclusive artwork and patterns. All over print is like the new tie dye, except you’ll know exactly what pattern you’ll get your design in, and the options are endless!



EDC Las Vegas is definitely an event where most ravers like to bring their rave fashion game. It’s one of our favorite festivals. Not only do you get to see tons of amazing DJs, you also get to experience the fantastic world Insomniac and their headliners create. Rave attire here is all about self-expression and creativity and ravers aren’t afraid to show their unique, wild side.

You’ll see many different takes on these trends and more at Electric Daisy Carnival. Ravers who go above and beyond hand-make their elaborate costumes often times using our festival tops, booty shorts, and rave bodysuits as a base for their creations.

Over the last year, EDM clothing trends have definitely transitioned from pretty rave girl to fierce festival fashionista. We’ve seen less flowery embellishments and more straps and studs. There will always be trends in festival fashion, but no matter what trends come and go, festival fashion remains true to its roots of self-expression. Rave fashion and style comes from within. Wear whatever makes you feel your best!

If you’re stumped on outfit ideas for EDC or any other festival, check out our selection of rave costumes styled by the iHeartRaves team for some festival fashion inspiration!

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 2/4/21