What should you wear to a rave? There are many factors you should consider when deciding on the perfect rave outfit, but the truthful answer when it comes to EDM clothing is anything, really. Festival fashion and EDM clothes are a medium for self-expression and anything goes!

Costumes are a creative outlet that allows you to display your personality through your festival outfits. Aside from personal style and comfort, there’s not much else you need to think about when dreaming up rave outfit ideas. Love pasties, booty shorts, and kandi beads? Wear it. Prefer high waisted booty shorts, cute crop tops, and furry hoods? Wear them. Love stilettos and pumps? Okay, maybe you shouldn’t wear that.

A general rule of thumb when deciding what to wear is to check the weather and always wear comfortable shoes. Other than that, get as wild as you want with your music festival outfits!

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 1/19/24