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Masks and Bandanas in the Styles You Want

Keep your face covered with our full-coverage face mask bandanas! Are you headed to a rave or music festival and want to keep your nose and mouth protected? Well, we got you covered! From head to toe, we’ve got everything you need to be rave ready and look good while you’re doing it. Our rave masks and rave bandanas are perfect for dusty festival grounds. Our signature bandana mask is multi-functional and serves as an essential for any rave. You can wear our face mask in a variety of creative ways, each serving a different purpose. Whether its protecting your lungs from dust or smoke, our face bandana will provide full coverage. From above the nose to below your chin, our seamless mask bandanas will fit right against your face, allowing nothing to get through. Not only do these protective masks help filter the bad stuff out, but you can also use it as an accessory.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can fold or tie this cool face bandana to use as something entirely different. Headed somewhere cold? Let the face scarf fall down to your neck for the perfect neck gaiter. Need to keep your hair out of your face? Well, lucky you, turn this tube mask into a bandana or hair tie! Even if you aren’t looking for these tube bandanas to do something, roll that baby up and wear it on your wrist or arm. Not only are our face shield masks extremely versatile, but they come in a ton of awesome designs.

Each tubular bandana features an original design that you won’t find anywhere else. From vibrant colors to super cute patterns we’re sure you’ll find a cool bandana that's perfect for any outfit. Complete your outfit for any rave, festival, or event with these cool masks! Coordinate your look with your rave fam and tie it all together with a cool face mask and have the whole squad looking good. You can pair any rave top or booty shorts with these seamless mask bandanas.

Where to Wear it: Raves, Music Festivals, Sun Protection, Events, Concerts, Outdoor Events, or Whenever you want to live dust-free