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We're going down the rabbit hole this spring with trippy looks and pieces inspired by the mystical world of Alice In Wonderland. To celebrate, we wanted to imagine what each character in the story would wear to the rave. From sweet Alice to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, here are some looks inspired by our favorite trippy fairytale. 


Curious Alice loves to check new things out and experience something unique. She's the one you'll find exploring the fest or dancing to an up and coming DJ she's never heard before. Her style is quirky but cute and comfortable enough to go on an adventure in. 


Groovy Hearts Ruffle Halter Bodysuit

Sweet Serenade Floral Sequin Dress

Floral Fairy Sequin Fringe Top and Skirt

Queen of Hearts

She's the baddest babe at the rave. A fierce leader and statement maker, the Queen of Hearts isn't afraid to take risks with her style. At the rave, she's most likely the one turning heads with a bold look and even bolder makeup—and she isn't afraid of the attention she'll get on the dancefloor. 

Love Me Do Outfit

Rad Romance with Charms Outfit

Flam'in Fiesta Outfit


Mad Hatter

Rave wear is all about self expression, and no one does that better than the Mad Hatter. The Hatter is the one channeling their inner artist with quirky prints, fun colors, and bold accessories. On the dancefloor, the Hatter might be the one getting a light show in the back of the crowd, or they might be leading a dance on the rail. 

Flower Bomb Outfit

Melty Fantasy Outfit

Rolita Couture X iHR Super Wonky Flirt With Me Outfit

Mushroom Paradise Men's Camp Outfit


Cheshire Cat

As the one who is always down to get trippy, the Cheshire Cat is the one at the rave who always seems to be having the best time. They're either up against the rail head banging all night or they're wandering around the fest exploring and taking everything in. 

Recycled Fabric Swirly World Halter Bodysuit Outfit

Rolita Couture X iHR Super Wonky Punk Princess Outfit

Trippy Time Acid Smiley Outfit

The Twins

The rave is the best place for two besties to coordinate fits. These two are the ones who are always matching and can never be seen apart. Whether they're on the dancefloor or in line to get chicken strips, they're together. 

Flower Bomb Skater Outfit

Spunion Rings Outfit

Tripp Out Outfit

High Frequency Outfit

White Rabbit

Just like any rave mom, the White Rabbit is the one keeping track of things at the fest. They always know which set list is the top priority and where to go next, and they're not afraid to round up the rave fam to go to the next thing on the list. Their style is a mix of comfort and fashion, but they're not afraid to go down the rabbit hole and get a little trippy in the garden. 

Lace Flowerfields Dress Outfit

Tripp Out Robe

Happy Hour Rainbow Reflective Speed Clasp Top


The Caterpillar

The true rave veteran is the Caterpillar. He's the one who has been raving since before u knew what EDM was, and he's seen it all. The Caterpillar is the one vibing at the back of the crowd. 

Shroom Time Outfit

Trippy Treats Outfit

Dreamwave Outfit

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