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Leg Wraps for Days

Whether you're layering them over some stockings or rocking them with your favorite pair of thigh highs, these leg wraps and body wraps are guaranteed to add some flair to your rave outfit and instantly turn you into one sexy rave girl (or boy!). These leg wraps are now sold in pairs and will add more texture, color, and character to your legs whether you are wearing fishnets, nylons, or platform shoes. With so many ways to wear your leg wraps, there's plenty of ways to express your unique personal style at festivals and beyond!

Our rave ribbons are easy to use, are available in many different colors, and come with a silicone lining for added comfort and stability. Dance the night away without worrying about your accessories holding up. With the non-slip lining, your leg wraps will look great all night and are sure to still be up with up until sunrise. Light up the night in some of our J Valentine light up LED leg wraps which will make you the shining star of the dance floor. Layer your rave body wraps over hosiery, wear a single leg wrap, or mix and match the colors for endless choices and styles! Add a pair of signature iHeartRaves’ furry leg warmers with some cute booty shorts and you’re ready to rave!

Confused about how to wrap your new ribbon stockings? Don't worry, our leg wraps are easy to use! Simply pull the garter up to your thigh and start wrapping your legs with the basic X. Start the X with two strings coming out of the garter behind your thigh (or the front!) then crisscross them down your leg until you reach your ankle. Tie the ends of your leg wraps together and you're all set for a night of dancing!

Where To Wear It: Rave Wear, Music Festivals, Outfits for Parties, Concert Clothes, Costumes, Cosplay, Dancing, and other Events!