iHeartRaves Mission:

To inspire confidence and empower self-expression
through fashion at music festivals and beyond

Brian and Christine 2011

Brian and Christine, a rave couple from Southern California, recognized a need for fun and fashionable ravewear. They were already intensely passionate about serving the rave community by offering high-quality light show gloves with their brand EmazingLights after Christine got Brian into the gloving world.

You know what they say about couples that rave together? Well not only did Brian and Christine stay together - they are now married with kids! They are also still active members of the rave scene.

In order for their vision to grow, they needed to find people with the same spark.

Brian & Christine EmazingBrian & Star CEO / Founders
Time line 2011/12
Heart shine
Amanda Mama Unicorn Director of Marketing
Amanda 2012

Luckily, they found a magical unicorn named Amanda to help create what is now iHeartRaves. Fresh out of college, Amanda was prancing around LA at every dubstep show in the area. She never dreamed she would find a career that combined her marketing degree and love of raving, but this is exactly what happened when she answered a job listing at a small company.

Amanda and Christine were fast friends; raving together and pulling
all-nighters developing the concept for their rave fashion company.

Amanda Mama Unicorn Director of Marketing
Time line 2012/14
Alie 2014

As demand rapidly increased, the time came to expand the merchandise team. Alie was groovin' to trance with dreams of creating the most magical rave fits ever. She was exactly the person Christine needed to expand iHeartRaves' festival styles. Alie's eye for new styles, exciting fabrics, and fabulous accessories elevated and expanded our product offerings tenfold.

Alie PowerPuff Director of Buying
Alie PowerPuff Director of Buying
Tamara QueenT E-commerce
Merchandising Manager
Time line 2014/17 Tamara 2017

The rave roots run deep at iHearRaves and Alie was looking for another team member for our ever-growing buying team. Not only did Tamara have an amazing skill set, but she can headbang and get down like no other. Tamara's attention to detail with product developments and passion for emerging trends ensures we are able to continue to offer new and exciting collections all year long.

Tamara QueenT E-commerce
Merchandising Manager
Time line 2017
Tessla 2017

After years of building iHeartRaves into a community of PLUR-minded festival fashionistas, Amanda was looking for another unicorn to add to the marketing team. Pink-haired, covered in glitter, and with a background in fashion marketing, Tessla was just the unicorn for the job.

After years of frolicking around the transformational festival scene, she was excited to get back to her raver roots. Tessla's unmatched passion for festival fashion and the rave community guarantees that the brand is always promoting positivity and offering opportunities to those who want to help spread our mission.

Tessla Pixxie Stixx Brand Manager
Tessla Pixxie Stixx Brand Manager
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We are now a team of 50+ passionate individuals who thrive on celebrating
rave culture and spreading good vibes.

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