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In the heart of North Carolina, Digital Gardens Music Festival combines fantastic music and live art. From artists painting in real time, to bass music emanating from the stages- Digital Gardens is the place to be! 

To learn more about bass music in general check out, The Ultimate Guide To Bass Music here and some great advice on What to Wear to a Bass Festival here.

The energy at bass festivals may invoke headbanging and fist pumping that’ll last you through the night. Usually clothing at bass festivals consists of edgy, neon infused designs with some super subtle or bold clothing choices. The color palette can range from darker colors, neon and fluorescent colors to bright pastel pieces. 

Be the Digital Gardens Goddess that you already know you are, with outfits that are sure to bring out the goddess in you! 

As always, comfortability and practicality is key when looking for outfits to wear for 10+ hour festival days! For those that may be prepping their first ever outfits for Digital Gardens Music Festival or need some advice on how to enchant yourself and others with your outfit, below are a few great tips on what to wear to the Digital Gardens Music Festival.


Eternal Sleep Outfit

Burn Bright Outfit

Augmented Reality Reflective Outfit

Moonlit Mystique Outfit


High Frequency Outfit

Psychedelic Pink Outfit

Liquid Tripp Spliced Outfit 


Add a pashmina, safety vest or puffer jacket to keep you cool during the day and warm at night! 

Digital Gardens is a place to let the bass out, while immersing yourself in the art. It’s only fitting that your outfit pairs with the energy you’re giving off! 

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