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Stream Queen (often stylized as SQXO) got her start in EDM as a fan, riding the rails at festivals like Ultra, EDC and Tomorrowland in the 2010's. When she realized she was almost always on the live stream of the festivals she was attending, she got started in social media and launched a career out of her love for EDM. What started as a passion quickly turned into a career, and today SQXO is on her way to becoming one of the hottest female DJs in the festival scene. She's also a style icon in the rave scene in addition to being a successful DJ.


We caught up with Stream Queen as she boarded the ship at Groove Cruise, where she's set to play some of her first festival sets of what is sure to be a huge year.


iHeartRaves: How is your DJ career going?


SQXO: It’s been absolutely amazing! I definitely was not expecting things to take off as quickly as they have but I couldn’t be happier. When I first started out on this journey, I didn’t really have any expectations. It’s been so cool to hear people’s positive feedback on SoundCloud and seeing that my music is listened to all over the world.


I’ve already played a few international shows and tons of out of state shows and I just never thought those things would happen so quickly back when I got serious about music last year. I am so grateful and blessed for the people in my life that have made this happen and for everyone that believes in and supports me. 

stream queen

@streamqueen_xo in the Lucky Star Wrap Around Top, HoneiiBeth x iHeartRaves Francesca Harness and Roma Stargazer Mesh Skirt in Lavender


iHR: What are some upcoming gigs you're most excited about?


SQXO: I’m actually on my way to Groove Cruise as I type this and I’ve been looking forward to my sets on there for months now! 


iHR: What do you have planned for 2022?


SQXO: Releasing new music, more tour dates and of course—finally going home to Ultra Miami. 

It's My World Vinyl Skater Skirt in Black, Need 4 Speed Clasp Corset Top and Dominate Strappy O-Ring Top


iHR: How does it feel having gone from being a raver up against the rail at shows and festivals to being onstage?


SQXO: It’s the craziest feeling. Part of why I love putting sets together is due to being a raver for so many years—I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what the crowd likes to hear because I’ve spent so much time in the crowd. I just love sharing the music that I love and helping create fun and memorable experiences for people. EDM has been my passion for so long and it’s been amazing to explore that in a different way as an artist. 


iHR: Any advice for rave babes that want to get into the industry?


SQXO: It’s a LOT of hard work, but it pays off! I don’t post much about the day to day things that I do but I’m almost always working on music- I usually spend 12+ hours every day between practicing new transitions, working on sets, and producing. Take it one step at a time, things are really overwhelming at first but the more you practice, the more you learn and better you get. So don’t get discouraged!

Silver Drip Holo Corset Top, Neva Nude Pixie Dust Glitter Star Pasties and Sky Full of Stars PVC Mini Skirt in Purple


iHR: What are some of your favorite festival styles?


SQXO: I will forever be obsessed with sequins, rhinestones and anything holographic


iHR: What festival styles do you see becoming big in 2022?


SQXO: I think cute bodysuits are going to stay in trend for sure. Fluffy ears and earrings as well. I personally have been waiting for the return of the old school flower bra and tutu outfit though!

Alluring Heart Charm Mesh Bikini Top, Alluring Heart Charm Asymmetrical Mesh Mini Skirt.

iHR: Any styling secrets?


SQXO: Accessories are a super easy way to elevate an outfit!


iHR: What are your ultimate rave and festival tips?


SQXO: Bring a hydration pack and drink water! Keep an open mind going into every event. Every event is different and has pros and cons- try not to compare one festival experience to another because they are all amazing in their own way. Oh and of course—WEAR EARPLUGS! Earplugs is honestly just as important as drinking water. Once your hearing is damaged, there’s no fixing it. 


iHR: What are your top 5 favorite festivals around the world?


SQXO: Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland, EDC, Das Energi, Gold Rush

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