Ravers dress up in all kinds of costumes to raves and festivals all year long, but Halloween holds a special place in our hearts. On a day where all the “normal” people dress up too, ravers put on their best efforts and come up with some of the best Halloween rave costume ideas!

Ravers have so many options when it comes to colors and styles for everything from tops and bottoms to bodysuits and hosiery, you could wear anything you want. There are endless possibilities when it comes to putting together fun rave Halloween costumes.


Once you have a character or costume idea in mind, you’ll have to start thinking about what color scheme you want. If you mix and match your colors and prints well to create that initial vibe, you’ll have a solid foundation to build the rest of your look on. If you’re going for something witchy, deep dark purples and black are a perfect place to start.


Or if you’re looking for the perfect mermaid Halloween costume idea, start with a shimmery two-piece and add accessories to bring the look together. Thinking of taking a trip down the rabbit hole as Alice? A bright sky blue with white and black accents is the perfect base. Picking out the foundations of your Halloween rave costume is probably the easiest part. It’s all in the details that bring your outfit together!


Accessories are what tie your outfit together and complete your whole look. If you’re going to be a cat you can wear anything, but don’t just put on cat ears. Get creative and add a cute collar or bow tie and a tail to your outfit for a costume that’s simple and easy, but still seems well thought out. If you’re dressing up as a bunny this year, a rabbit masquerade mask will make your bunny rave outfit stand out. Add a studded harness to that purple and black witch outfit to bring out your edgy, bad witch side. Top your mermaid rave costume off with a pearl necklace or a starfish hair clip. And don’t forget Alice’s bow headband! That’s an easy one. Finish off your look with some hosiery and you’re almost ready to go!



Don’t be afraid to try out new, bold makeup for Halloween. There are tons of makeup tutorials online and it’s always fun to experiment with different colors and techniques. Makeup can complete and enhance an outfit or even be the highlight of an outfit. The popular sugar skull makeup look is what brings the entire rave skeleton costume together. For girls who don’t want to put on a lot of makeup, even a few rhinestone accents can complete an angelic look. Just remember to use a setting spray so your makeup stays fresh all night long. Get creative with all the details of your outfit, it’s the most unexpected things that make it memorable!

Dressing up with your squad? Put together matching character costumes using these tips or coordinate with matching prints! We have tons of matching pieces available exclusively at iHeartRaves that are perfect for rave couples costumes and rave group costumes. Subtly match each other with our seamless mask bandanas and matching tops or go all out and match in all over print head to toe with our matching rave shirts, shorts, and accessories. Rave together, stay together!

Remember these tips and your Halloween rave costumes will always be top notch! Check out our selection of rave outfits and costumes styled by the iHeartRaves team!

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Published by Angela Le
Last Updated: 2/4/22