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Rave Basics

Rave Basics

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Take it back to the basics with our Rave Basics Collection! This collection contains tons of essential rave items for every rave babe. From booty shorts to bodysuits, to leg wraps and pasties, we've got you covered. Consider these essentials to be the "little black dresses" of your rave wardrobe. Each item can be styled and restyled in tons of different ways so you can wear it again and again. Plus, each piece can either be styled up or dressed down. Our rave wear for women is never bland or boring! Keep it sleek and chic with a black bodysuit and some leg garters. Or, grab a pair of booty shorts and spice up the look with a mesh skirt and one of our flirty rave tops. Ever find yourself headed to an event saying "omg, I have nothing to wear"?! Simply stock up on some classics from this collection and you'll never find yourself in such a predicament ever again.


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