Men’s rave clothing is all about vibrant colors and trippy patterns. Men’s rave fashion is all about comfort, while still showing off your personal style. You can never go wrong with all over print designs and vibrant accessories.

If you’re having trouble creating the perfect men’s rave outfit, here’s a list of options that all guys can wear!

What Guys Wear to Raves:

1. Kandi

This is one of the biggest staples in rave culture. You can use kandi to accessorize, express yourself, connect with other ravers, and spread P.L.U.R! (Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect - 4 principles that rave culture is based on)

Get together with your friends beforehand and make enough kandi for yourself and others. Trading and collecting kandi is extremely fun and can give you the chance to meet friends that’ll last a lifetime. Waking up to your treasures can bring back a rush of memories!

kandi bracelets for raves

2. T-Shirt or Tank Top

Stand out in the crowd with a vibrant all over print t-shirt or tank top! Make sure that what you’re planning to wear is breathable. Nothing is worse than overheating in a sea of other ravers! Guys can get away with wearing with a simple shirt, because there are tons of other ways to make your outfit stand out!

3. Athletic Shorts

Breath-ability is key when it comes to rave shorts! You’ll be able to get down on the dance floor all night without getting too hot. We have a ton of galaxy print shorts and colorful designs that’ll make your festival outfit pop.

4. Comfortable Shoes

Make sure you wear a pair of comfortable, closed-toe shoes! You’ll be on your feet for hours on end. Wear a pair of sneakers that you don’t mind getting a little beat up because you’re bound to get stepped on a couple times through the night.

5. Hats

Top off your look with a stylish snapback or dad hat! The sun can be pretty strong and it’s important to protect yourself from those harmful rays. With so many ravers at the event, you might want to consider wearing a unique hat so your rave squad can easily find you in the crowd!

6. Sunglasses

When it comes to raves, these are both fun and functional. Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize your look while protecting your eyes! Shield your eyes from the sun during the day and the intense lights and lasers at night.

You’ll also find a bunch of cool styles of kaleidoscope and diffraction glasses that can enhance your visuals, while adding to your look.

7. Bandana / Face Mask

Protect your lungs from dust and debris with a cool face mask! We have a ton of trippy and stylish face mask bandanas for dusty EDM festival grounds. Find the perfect design to go with your outfit or coordinate with your squad!

8. Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated at the music festival is super important when your burning all that energy! Water bottles are pretty overpriced at raves, but there are usually water refill stations at raves where you can refill your container for free! Hydration packs are perfect for music festivals because they carry a lot of water so you can spend more time seeing your favorite DJs!

colorful trippy rave hydration packs

9. Stash Boxers

Never again will festival security take your open chapstick! Stash Boxers gives you quick and easy access to your belongings without the hassle of zippers or buttons. Carry your valuables with you and have a safe place to store them for raves and music festivals!

hidden pocket boxer briefs for men

10. Hoodie

If the weather is a bit chilly or you’ll be raving from day to night, we recommend an all over print hoodie to stay warm when the temperatures drop. Make a bold statement by getting the whole squad to wear matching galaxy hoodies that are out of this world!

If you’re not feeling like wearing the typical men’s rave wear, some ravers either wear or create their own costumes like an animal onesie or banana suit. Just about anything goes when it comes to rave apparel. Have fun, enjoy the music, and express yourself!

Published by Leonard Pulig
Last Updated: 06/23/22