The epitome of cool, ur always the first one to try out new festival fashion trends. U know everyone on the lineup but ur fav is probably the most obscure. Techno is a way of life and u pride urself on bringing ur friends to "the dark side." Ur not afraid to try new things with ur style, and ur always on the hunt for the perfect lip gloss.

As a trendy raver ur fave...

DJs: Adam Beyer, Charlotte De Witte, Carl Cox, The Martinez Brothers
Makeup Look: Smokey eye, bronzer and lip gloss
Festival Shoe: Sky high platforms
Accessory: Sparkly jewelry and a mini bag
Festival Snack: Sushi
Drink: Green juice or a vodka soda

Ur festival style is all about making a statement. U love fashion and love to show up and show out in something sleek and jaw dropping. Here are some picks for u:

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Styles U Love:

Cyber Angel Outfit

Ride or Die Outfit

Lost In The Speed Outfit

Overdrive Outfit

Defy the Dragon Outfit

No Escape Outfit

Circuit Breaker Outfit

Desert Drama Outfit

Hot Springs Hottie Outfit

Hot Springs Hottie Outfit

Locked & Loaded Outfit

Power Up Outfit

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