Ur obsessed with anything psychedelic. When it comes to rave clothes, the wilder the print the better. Ur never afraid to get wonky and weird and u live for festival shenanigans. U can usually be found adventuring somewhere and u love being outside in nature. Ur happy place is in a hammock, and u love connecting through conversation about art.

As a trippy raver ur fave...

DJs: LSDream, Griz, Ganja White Knight, Hippie Sabotage
Makeup Look: Natural "no makeup" makeup
Festival Shoe: Colorful boots or no shoes at all
Accessory: A pashmina and a set of poi
Festival Snack: Vegetarian pizza
Drink: Water from ur hydro flask

Ur festival style is all about comfort and prints. U love a loud print on a comfy pair of shorts or a trippy pashmina that u can use to sit on and hang out while u get a light show. Here are some picks for u:

Styles U Love:

Trip Of My Life Outfit

Psychedelic Phantasy Outfit

Pixielated Outfit

Pretty In Pride Outfit

Freaky Forever Outfit

Lost In The Sauce Outfit

Watercolor Eyes Outfit

Neon Funkadelic Outfit

Trippy Tribe Outfit

Have A Nice Tripp Outfit

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More Picks:

Wild West Enchantress Outfit

Bass Head Baddie

Blazin' BB Outfit

Ride The Wave Outfit

Kandi Kween Outfit

Disturbia Outfit

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