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Rave Personalities: Trippy

Ur obsessed with anything psychedelic. When it comes to rave clothes, the wilder the print the better. Ur never afraid to get wonky and weird and u live for festival shenanigans. U can usually be found adventuring somewhere and u love being outside in nature. Ur happy place is in a hammock, and u love connecting through conversation about art.

As a trippy raver ur fave...

DJs: LSDream, Griz, Ganja White Knight, Hippie Sabotage
Makeup Look: Natural "no makeup" makeup
Festival Shoe: Colorful boots or no shoes at all
Accessory: A pashmina and a set of poi
Festival Snack: Vegetarian pizza
Drink: Water from ur hydro flask

Ur festival style is all about comfort and prints. U love a loud print on a comfy pair of shorts or a trippy pashmina that u can use to sit on and hang out while u get a light show. Here are some picks for u:

Styles U Love:

Neon Funkadelic Outfit

Trippy Tribe Outfit

Have A Nice Tripp Outfit

Shop the full Trippy collection here.

More Picks:

Wild West Enchantress Outfit

Bass Head Baddie

Blazin' BB Outfit

Ride The Wave Outfit

Kandi Kween Outfit

Disturbia Outfit


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