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Every August, thousands of attendees get ready to make the journey to the Playa to attend, one of the most legendary festivals/events in the World. This festival is an entirely a “pack in, pack out” event for everything, careful planning is required and can take several months. There are many factors to consider while packing, including the nitty gritty details such as bringing enough water for the week, planning how to build your own camp, finding a camp to stay with, etc. While this planning can feel exhausting, it’s well worth it!

Of course, planning for the festival also offers some very fun aspects, such as planning your costumes and expressing yourself through burner fashion.  I highly recommend planning your outfits early. The festival itself is 7 days, and you’ll need an outfit for each day (plus accessories!) and night due to the drastic change in temperatures. That’s a minimum of over 14 outfits (I always pack extras just in case). Aside from extreme heat during the day and sometimes almost freezing temperatures at night, you need to prepare for extreme dryness, rainstorms, high wind, whiteout conditions and dust storms (pro tip: pack each of your outfits in a gallon zip lock bag to keep the dust out. It also helps you stay organized when you’re changing on the go.)

Whether you want to dress like a true burner, wear a post-apocalyptic costume, or dress with bohemian style, iHeartRaves offers all the best essentials to get your outfits planned. Here’s some inspiration for getting ready to hit the desert this August:

Dune Warrior Looks

Here at iHeartRaves, we just launched Dune Warrior - a brand new collection specifically with playa themed outfits in mind! Here some of my favorite looks from the new collection that will keep you styling on top of an art car, biking down the Esplanade or dancing at any day party (don’t miss Distrikt – one of my favs!).

Desert Stormer Outfit

I love to wear black on the playa. Dusters are a popular accessory as they look fabulous in the wind (hellooooo, dust storms) and keep the sun off your skin without being too hot. A sexy bodychain is always a popular desert accessory.

all black burning man outfit

 Black Luxe Chained BodysuitClassy Pinstriped Duster, Faux Leather Choker, Cat Eye Sunglasses


Rainbow Cowgirl Outfit

Color pops on the Playa for sure. One day you’re wearing black latex, the next you could be riding your bike around in tie-dye and a cowgirl hat - how cool is that? This new rainbow jacket is an exclusive iHeartRaves product from our Dune Warrior collection is amazing, and I’d definitely rock it to a sunset or afternoon party.

 Rainbow Cowgirl Outfit

Rainbow Tie Dye Fringe Jacket, Dreamy Rainbow Mesh Crop Top, Hologram Electro High Waisted Booty Shorts, Flamingo Shades


In Control Outfit

If you made it to to the Playa and helped build a camp, piece of art, or just braved a day full of dust storms then you are a badass woman! Your outfit should match and this outfit sure is that. Dominate your day in the dust with this two-piece set and fingerless gloves.

 All Black Faux Leather Matching Set

Femme Fatale Lace Up Crop Top, Femme Fatale Lace Up Bottoms, Faux Leather Choker, Salem Fingerless Gloves


Look Mystical in Mesh

 Black and Gold Lace Themed Outfit with Lace Mesh Skirt and Mesh Bodysuit

 Estrella Mesh Bodysuit, Starry Nights Maxi Skirt


Slay the Game with Faux Leather

 strappy black faux leather vest

 Faux Leather Strappy Vest, Liquid Leather Bottoms, Studded Garter Belt HarnessFaux Leather Choker


Chains and Chill Tank TopLiquid Leather Bottoms, Reflective Visor, Glitter X Factor Pasties


Be fierce in Fringe:

 Black Fringe Skirt and Sequined Captains Hat

Open-Front Fringe Maxi Skirt 


Reflect and Shine 

iHeartRaves is now carrying Rolita Couture's Prismatic Passion Collection! This futuristic line offers several styles of reflective material that create amazing photo opportunities at nighttime. 

Rolita couture prismatic collection

 Reflection Buckle Top, Reflection Side Panel Bottoms

Sparkle with Sequins/Rhinestones

(just be aware of MOOP - matter out of place and remember that EVERYTHING you pack in, including sequins and glitter must be taken back out of the event)

rhinestone black high waisted shorts and black thigh highs with butterfly boob jewels and black goggles

Rhinestone High Waisted Booty Shorts, Butterly Boob Jewel, Thigh Highs, Bondage Harness


Sparkly Blue Criss cross Top with Matching Criss Cross Sparkly Bottoms and Black Leg Wraps

 Enchanted Skies Criss Cross Sequin Top, Enchanted Skies Strappy Sequin Bottoms, Black Leg Wraps 

Styling for Nighttime on the Playa

One of the coolest things about being at the Playa is that it is created entirely by attendees. Even the lighting at night is provided by art structures, art cars, and camps. This means that you need to make sure you yourself are fully lit. You don’t want to get called a “dark wad” which is what seasoned burners call attendees caught out at night without any lights. Light up jackets are my favorite way to stay lit at night. I like to wear the cropped fur vest over a jacket for layers. The light up leg wraps are perfect for wrapping over leggings too! Do not forget to light yourself! EL wire, light up pins, light up shoes, light up cat ears work too. It’s important to make sure you’re well lit for the safety of others and especially art cars driving through the streets and deep playa at night.

 Blue Light Up Jacket with light up leg wraps and tie dye booty shorty

 Light up Blue Fur Coat, Light Up Leg Wraps, Savage Wrap Top

Light up Tie Dye Rainbow Fur Jacket with Mesh Daisy Keyhold Top and White Lace Up Bottoms

 Tie Dye Light Up Fur Jacket, Rainbow Mesh Keyhole Halter Top, Pink Leg Wraps, Side Tie High Waisted Booty Shorts


Accessory Essentials:

While accessories are usually used to dress up an outfit, there are some festival essentials that are absolutely crucial to pack.


Goggles are an absolute must on the playa. You never know when an unexpected whiteout can come through and you might be miles from your Black Rock City campsite. I recommend bringing a pair of clear lens goggles for nighttime and tinted for the day, or one pair that you can swap the lens out of.

Kaleidoscope goggles

Kaleidoscope Goggles


Dust Masks/Seamless Masks

Dust masks are key. When a "whiteout" (when dust or snow reduces visibility to next to zero) happens, you’ll want to cover your mouth unless you like eating fossilized fish dust. I always bring a few face masks, iHeart's new mouth masks are great, and seamless masks. Both options are fashionable and incredibly functional on the playa!

 Pink Sequin Seamless Mask

 Rainbow Sequin Mask Bandana, Velvet Wrap Top, Festival Jewels


Hydration Packs 

Pink Sparkly Hydration Pack

 From sleek and chic to pink and poppin,' iHeartRaves offers tons of hydration packs in oodles of colors and styles.


I hope this guide helps you get an idea of how to style your BRC fits. At the end of the day, it’s all about your personal style. This festival allows you the chance to  be yourself, find yourself, recreate yourself, whatever you want. Just remember, you might not get the experience you want, but you’ll always get the burn you need. Open your heart and you’ll experience something magical!

 Mama Unicorn wearing black and white at burning man

 Mama Unicorn wearing Mesh Halter Top, Salem Harness, Fence Net Thigh Highs, Cross Pasties, scrunch back micro shorts

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