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What makes Insomniac one of the best would be their emphasis on the importance of its headliners: YOU! By attending their festivals, we make it possible for them to exist and allow for them to put on some of the best productions to date. Without us, who would they make the insane fireworks display for? Who would the performers dance for? Who would the DJ’s play for? Without the people of Insomniac, nothing would be possible.

The headliners are half of the reason why I continue to attend Insomniac’s events; I absolutely love meeting new people and the endless supply of PLUR people that I meet are priceless! At almost every event I meet some amazing people that are the highlights of my trip. This year’s Nocturnal Wonderland attracted an array of colorful characters that I was lucky enough to meet, but sadly I wasn’t able to take photos with all of them. For those I was able to take photos with, here are 20 amazing people I met at Nocturnal Wonderland’s 20th Anniversary and their fun, colorful outfits!

 rave girls hula hooping at nocturnal wonderland

#1: fellow iHeartRaves blogger, Shelby (@_shelby_lyynn)! Amazing hooper and great vibes 🙂

matching rave girls get a tour of nocturnal wonderland

#2: Erica (@NorcalRaves). Thank you for spending all of Friday night guiding us through the rabbit hole

rave influencer meets up with a follower

#4 Anzueto (@sokkermasta). It’s always nice meeting Instagram followers! 😀

rave influencer welcome two new ravers into rave family

#5 Jon and #6 Josh Kan. Two brothers from the same mother that spent the entire weekend with my rave family and I! We love you two

ravers in full cosplay outfits at nocturnal wonderland

Cosplayers #7 and #8 Rock Lee. It’s always nice when you see fellow cosplayers dress up as their favorite characters 🙂

rave girl with insomniac performer at nocturnal wonderland

#9 Insomniac performer that made my boyfriend jealous 😛

cosplay rave group meets up at nocturnal wonderland

#9 Luffy and #10 his girlfriend with my group. Yay for fellow One Piece cosplayers!

ravers making new friends at nocturnal wonderland

#11 Balu, #12 Kim (@miss___jade), and #13 Mike (@shufflemike). Mutual friends = new friends!ravers meeting longtime festival goers

#14 Melissa (mama_meliss). As she says, ‘Rave to the grave’ 🙂 Age should never stop you from doing the things you love!

kandi kids making festival friends for life

#15 Nate (Rosie The Rose King @rosiertk). Met up with him everyday, super chill dude with an equally cool Stormtrooper helm!

ravers wear full festival outfits at nocturnal wonderland

#16 Kelvin (@conejitokelvin), the sassiest most stylish person I’ve ever met

old friends meet up at nocturnal wonderland

#17 Chris (@chrischinanity). An old college friend that my boyfriend and I ran into over the weekend!

festival friends outfits

#18 Jake Ryan (@JakeRyanDuh). It’s always great seeing Jake outside of Bay Area events with his AMAZING outfits! He really goes all out and I love him for his creativity 🙂

rave girls in festival fashion

#19 Claudia (RaveSelfies) and #20 Kaitlyn(EDMHumor). They’re extremely cute together, and DEFINITELY funny! 

These are only 20 of the people that I’ve met at Nocturnal Wonderland, but I’ve met so much more than 20! I’ve traded almost all of the singles and cuffs that I made for the three days I was there and have received a gift from almost everyone that I’ve met. For those that I met and didn’t get the chance to take pictures with, know that I’ll cherish our time together (shout out to the two guys from Arizona that we met while eating at the food trucks and to Grant, the guy we adopted for about 2 hours since he lost his friends on his birthday!). Thank you everyone, Insomniac’s headliners, for making my second experience at Nocturnal Wonderland one to remember!

Hope to meet some of you at an event and keep it PLUR in iHeartRaves!

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