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Enter the Cosmic Oasis and let your rainbow dreams run wild. From vivid nights to glittering sunrises, get decked out in black rainbow, fishnet, neon, harnesses, and trippy prints. Take festival season to the next level with outfits you can color coordinate with your rave squad while still having your own unique style. This Collection has everything you need to create a badass festival look. Top it off with rave accessories like leg wraps, thigh highs, shoes, festival hats, glitter and face jewels. Get the trendiest styles in high cut high waisted booty shorts and fishnet underboob tops. You can rock any vibe from sparkly rainbow princess to alien babe or even techno queen complete with a "Techno" hat or choker. This collection also features select plus items that are available in 1X-3X. Rule the dance floor at your next electronic dance music event with the iHeartRaves Cosmic Oasis Collection.